Muhammad Qanoua’s daughter makes everyone cry about what she said after his departure – video – Al Arrab – The Godfather

Massa, the daughter of Muhammad Qanoua, shared a touching message to her father, a few weeks after his sudden death, following a heart attack that caused great shock.

Muhammad Qanoua’s daughter made everyone cry with a video clip that she published of them together and commented on it with a very touching message:

“A good history is walking behind you, so do not blame your name, we will go on.. From the best of my free appetite to the best.”

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She added:

“I carried you in the wake of my eyes so that it would appear to people that I am my father. I would carry you even with the tone of my voice, so how did you go.. and you are still with me? May God have mercy on you, my love.”

Comments poured in from art stars on Massa’s post, so Sulaf Fawakherji wrote: “If we cannot believe and comprehend, may God help you, my heart.” Omar Maslamani commented: “No one can imagine your pain other than the one who feels it, may God have mercy on him and give you patience.”

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Muhammad Qanoua’s will after his death raises great confusion!!

It seems that the will of the late Syrian actor, Muhammad Qanoua, sparked a great controversy on social media, after it was said that it had been revealed.

In the details, the family of the late Syrian artist, Muhammad Qanoua, commented on the will attributed to him, which has spread widely through social networking sites and the media during the past few hours.

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Ziyad Qanoua, the cousin of the late artist, said that the latter left great love in the hearts of the masses, and this was what appeared during his funeral and in other places, and he asked the public to recall Muhammad Qanoua’s statements a while ago when he revealed that he did not even own a house.

Qanoua added, in media statements, that the issue of the will is a private matter between the late artist, his wife, and his small family, and that he does not know anything about it, stressing that the talk about the property that was circulated is not correct.