Hebrew News – Tom Holland marks a year of rehab: “I learned to recognize triggers and things that stress me”

Tom Holland celebrates a year of rehab: “I learned to identify triggers and things that stress me”

Although the star did not reveal what he was weaned from, he recently told in an interview about his dealings with his mental health and the way he learned to help himself

The 26-year-old actor was interviewed as part of the promotion of his new series The Crowded Room – a psychological thriller in which he plays the character of a guy who is arrested on suspicion of a crime he did not commit. During the interview, Holland said that in preparation for the job, he talked with psychiatrists and learned to “identify triggers and things that stress me out.”

“The mental part was very difficult for me and it took me a long time to recover from it and come back to reality. I remember I had a small nervous breakdown at home, and I thought to myself that I had to shave my hair to free myself from the character,” said the young actor.

He also added: “Learning about mental health and its importance, and my conversations with psychiatrists helped me understand many things about my life. I hope viewers will have more respect and sympathy for people who face mental difficulties. It is important to me that more people understand how important mental health is and learn about Our difficulties and amazing abilities to survive.”

As mentioned, Holland did not explain why he quit, but said that he has been sober for a year and 4 months. In the past he talked about his desire to stop drinking alcohol: “We are drunk all the time”, he once replied in an interview when asked how he spends time with his friends. Also, last year, the star announced to his followers that he was taking a break from social networks, because they were harmful to his mental health: “I realized that Instagram and Twitter are too difficult for me. I get stuck in a tizzy when I read things about myself online and it is harmful to my mental state. So I decided to take a step back and delete the application He said at the time.

Holland’s new series will be broadcast starting next month on Apple TV Plus and stars Israeli actor Lior Raz alongside him.

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