I still feel dread before I get on stage

Assi El-Hellani (archive)

Beirut – Fatima Qniber

Published in: May 13, 2023: 12:41 PM GST
Last updated: May 13, 2023: 01:05 PM GST

The Lebanese singer Assi El-Hillani revealed that despite the passage of more than 30 years since his artistic career, he still feels awe and anxiety before going on stage to sing, because he feels a great responsibility in front of his fans.

While he stressed that there is no reason currently for him to consider retiring as long as he is coherent on the stage and enjoys good health.

Different story

In an interview with Al-Arabiya.net, Al-Hillani said that he presented a theatrical show through the video clip “You Know What I Love You”, which he recently released, explaining that the clip was filmed in a theatrical manner, as it included a performance and dancers.

He also added that the story of the clip talks about the “groom’s” party on his wedding night, surrounded by young men celebrating him, pointing out that he intended to present a new and different story from the prevailing clips.

He also added that he released a second song entitled “Malhouf Alaik”, which he filmed because he saw that it emulates all Arab societies.

Assi El-Hellani (archive)

A poem for Beirut

Al-Halani announced that he had also released a third song, entitled “Scent of Perfume”, which he had kept in the drawer for 3 years, and it was composed by him and performed with the most important musicians in Turkey, adding that “the song talks about the betrayal that a man is exposed to, and this is a new and not exhausted topic, as It is the woman who talks about the man’s betrayal of her in her clips, not the man.”

He also revealed that he has a very beautiful poem about Beirut from his melodies as well, but he has not yet determined the date of its recording and publication.

While he talked about his parents, who died years ago, noting that “their ghost does not leave him, and he always feels that they are with him in everything and do not leave him, so he talks to them as if they were alive.”

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