“Crime” by Adel Imam | Marilyn Slom

“Crime” by Adel Imam | Marilyn Slom
“Crime” by Adel Imam | Marilyn Slom

I think that the leader, Adel Imam, did not imagine that his 83rd birthday would be celebrated with such hospitality and beauty, and he did not imagine that the feast would come while he was at the top of the “trend”, thanks to the enemies of art, life and religion, and not only the enemies of Adel Imam, so thanks to the dark birds who wanted to direct He stabbed the boss again, and the magic bounced back on the wizard.
It seems that the works presented by the great star Adel Imam about the “Muslim Brotherhood” hurt them at the time of their publication, and they still hurt them to this day. And they conveyed the message, so the audience received it consciously, believed it, and applauded it. They have not and will not forget, and we do not want them to forget or forgive, and we, in turn, will not forget what they did and are doing, how they sneak in stealthily, incite and disguise themselves in a thousand colors, and how they are good at exploiting social media, forming armies, and waging wars with fake names, faces, personalities, and pages.
Thank you to the birds of darkness because they reminded us, although we do not forget, of the leader’s birthday, which will take place within days (May 17), and they preceded us to celebrate in their own way. Artists on behalf of the respected colleague who is loved by everyone who knows him, who worked with him, and everyone who followed his career, and perhaps the first of them is the wonderful star Nabil Al-Halafawi.
What are they mocking? Who is old? That blessing that God bestows upon whomever He wills of His creation, how does it become a subject for ridicule, gloating and cursing? He grew old and grew up in status and value, a path he made with his effort, fatigue, and intelligence. He was able to employ his talent and respect it as he respected art and the public. He is the owner of “terrorism and kebabs,” “the terrorist,” “birds of darkness,” “the flying boy,” “the leader,” and a long list of preserved works. In the memory of Arab cinema, theater and drama, and the memory of the audience, which will remain eternal.
Far from the spotlight, Adel Imam, alone determines whether or not he will return to the screen, how and when, and despite this distancing since the emergence of “Corona”, he is always present as king on the throne of comedy and black comedy, what he made with professionalism, intelligence, awareness, culture and conviction that made his career signs. a milestone in the history of Arab art; And as the artist Nabil Al-Halfawi wrote on his page, “The Birds of Darkness attack Adel Imam … his unforgivable crime … a gift from God to make people happy.” His “crime” will remain to make people happy as long as the “birds of darkness” remain.
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