What happened before Amr Diab’s concert at the American University? Frankly speaking – the site of the stars

An exceptional night lived by Amr Diab’s fans on Friday evening during the great concert he performed at the American University in New Cairo.

Hours before the concert, the New Cairo area witnessed a huge crowd and a festive atmosphere that broke the calm that surrounded it, as thousands of Amr Diab’s fans flocked to the American University.

The concert, which was announced under the title retro or the night of memories, was a return for “Diab” after an absence to revive his concerts at the American University after an absence of almost 9 years from the last concert he performed there.

As usual, Amr Diab took to the stage amid the enthusiasm of the audience, who shared with him the singing of “Ya Ana Ya La”, which became the entry song for his concerts recently.

Amr presented a group of new songs, including: If WhatsApp, In Front of Her Mirror, I Love Him, You Are the Fortune, Ajmal Oyoun and Ra33.

Diab continued to entertain his fans with a group of his old songs: such as Tamly Maak, and a medley that included each of Qamareen, Laili Nahari, Nour Al-Ain, Al-Alam Allah.

Amr Diab was keen to play the famous solo of the song “Shouqna” on the keyboard, amidst great interaction from the audience, before the concert concluded with the song “Hatdalaa”, where he sang it with the launch of the fireworks that lit up the sky of New Cairo.

It is noteworthy that Amr Diab is preparing to perform a big concert in Kuwait on May 18th, and the party organizing the party announced the start of issuing tickets yesterday.