What did not happen this week

What did not happen this week
What did not happen this week

A tour of the most prominent fake news circulating on websites and social media pages during the current week. All the news mentioned below are not true, despite being widely circulated. It was verified by the “New Arab” team, using the “Fi Mizan France Press” and “Misbar” platforms.

Prosecution: The United States warns against consuming “Nescafe” products

Truth: Social media is flooded with posts claiming that the US does not sell Nescafé instant coffee because it causes cancer. However, this claim is wrong, as “Nescafe” products are available in the US market, and the authorities do not warn against their consumption.

Allegation: Al-Burhan performs prayers with his soldiers in the midst of battles

Truth: A video circulates claiming to show the Sudanese army commander, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, performing prayers with his soldiers amid the ongoing battles against the Rapid Support Forces. However, the video refers to a visit that Al-Burhan made during Ramadan to the Armored Corps, two days before the start of the battles.

Allegation: a baby boy with a white beard

Truth: Tens of thousands of posts on social networking sites were harvested by a picture whose publishers claimed that it shows a baby with a white beard, and verses from the Qur’an were added to the picture. However, the photo is modified using an application that adds signs of aging.

Claim: Effects of bombing in Ashkelon

The truth: Shortly after rockets were fired from Gaza on the city of Ashkelon on Wednesday, a picture appeared on social media pages and accounts that were said to show the effects of the bombing there. But the photo was taken months ago in Ukraine, specifically in the city of Kryvyi-Ri.