Hani Nahmias in shock: Back on stage in the play – and the whole audience disappeared

As part of the fighting in the “Shield and Arrow” operation, the Islamic Jihad fired a barrage of rockets at around 9:00 PM towards the center, which set off alarms throughout Gush Dan. Despite the concern surrounding Aviv Geffen’s performance in Yarkon Park, a cultural event that was affected by the shooting was actually the performance of “Mama Mia” at the Hibima Theater in Tel Aviv.

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While the actress Hani Nahmias went to drink a glass of water, and for some reason we still do not understand, she did not hear the alarm and returned to the stage, amazed to find that the entire audience had fled the hall.

The simple one, who shared the story on his Facebook page, wrote: “Hani Nahmias goes to drink water and finds out that the audience has left because of an alarm. This is the funniest thing that happened to me in 2023.”

A black day was marked by Operation Shield and Arrow, when the first Israeli was killed last night (Thursday). The fall or shrapnel from a missile in Rehovot hit a residential building and there one of the 10 injured died as a lot of damage was caused by the direct impact.

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