“We met at a young age, when gays were still assigned and outside

Last March, the docu-reality series “Dana Kama” (yes) starring Dana Internationalduring which the viewers were exposed to the very limited clique of the diva that includes the personal agent Shay Keremthe bestie Clear sparrowthe nurse Limor and the company Aviva – who is also Claire’s nemesis.

The docu-reality series became a hit and Dror, or as the friends call him “Drora”, became an undisputed star thanks to his sharp tongue, cynical humor and the good friend he is to Dana.

This week Clear was a guest on the radio show of Bar Zega And told about the instant click that was created with the star, the long-standing friendship and also the fear of talkbacks and what they would say about him.

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Dror (Drora) Clear and Bar Zega

(Photo: Private)

“We met in 1986, at a very young age, in the clubs of Tel Aviv – which was the beginning of the road, when gays were still assigned and it was completely illegal. We met as young guys, very provocative, very strong,” Kleer recalled. “We were a bunch of the Saadia family, Lior Rest in peace And Shmulik – which later became Maya, Yaron Cohen who became Dana and we were a gang. We all knew each other as children, there was a natural connection between us, there were times when there was distance which was also natural. Dana, for example, was busy with her personal development and I was in the army, but since 1999 we have been really, really close, which is also enough time.”

What is your most memorable experience with Dana?

“There is something that has been etched in my mind for years. We were in the USA, on a tour – Miami, Los Angeles, New York. Once at the end of the show we were driving in the limousine and there was a police siren behind us and we were stopped. A policeman came and asked Dana if she was the singer, asked for an autograph and said ‘you have a personal escort’. He reversed, stopped at Fifth Avenue and let us pass. Those who know and understand – Fifth Avenue in New York is not blocked, only for presidents and world leaders, and when they stopped the avenue for her, I thought I was in a movie, I couldn’t believe it. For her, by the way, it wasn’t a story. Dana is such a humble person. What I see from the side, the respect she receives, is wow.”

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Dana International Dror ClearDana International Dror Clear

The star of the series. Dana International and Drora

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Those who watched the docu-reality must not have missed the very complex relationship between Claire and Aviva, Dana’s best friend. The relationship between the two is full of stings – ones that have some truth in them, but also a lot of humor. “Aviva and I are black and white, but part of it is also humor and we also increase by 90 shekels. In general, we are chilvas. It has already become part of the routine of life, it has become part of the matter that if it doesn’t exist, then you have to create it. Sometimes they just sting each other so that there is action, you understand? ‘Aviva is a scumbag’, and she says ‘Drora is unbearable’, that’s how it is.”

What do you like about Aviva?

“In Aviva specifically? What do I like about Aviva… the fact that she is loyal to Dana, I really like it. I really like it and also appreciate it very much.”

“Dana Kama” became a hit from the first episode. The reviews praised, the viewers were enthusiastic, but the participants themselves were a little worried. “The series won a consensus, there was not a single negative review, which is wow,” says Clear. “About me – I had a lot of concerns, I’m very surprised by the reactions, I’m not sure what people saw that I didn’t see, what people were excited about, it’s not clear. I realized that I’m a funny character, etc. I think I’m a very boring person. Someone said, ‘The best thing What happened to me in my life is the series about Dana and Drora’, if this is the best thing that happened to her in her life, what will I tell her?”

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Premiere Dana got upPremiere Dana got up

“Aviva scum”. Aviva and the creator of the series Yonatan Konyak

(Photography: Amir Meiri )

What were you afraid they would say?

“Wow, ‘What a crooked gay,’ ‘What a bad gay,’ ‘What an old gay,’ ‘What a female gay,’ whatever you only dream and don’t dream – I imagined they would say. All compliments and gays are good, you know – the hand is light on the keyboard And they love burials and what’s their problem with burying. Luckily, they fell in love with the character, so thanks to all the gays.”

People ask to take pictures with you, come to hug and congratulate?

“Yes, yes. They ask to take pictures, send me a lot of messages, there are messages that want to be my friends, want to meet me for coffee… it’s a bit… okay. Oh well.”

What do you answer to that?

“‘On occasion, when he came out’. I have to be fake, don’t I? What do I say when someone writes to me, ‘My girlfriend and I love you and we want to sit with you for coffee?’, what am I, Teddy Bear? I don’t understand. What is it to sit with you for coffee?” .

Although Claire’s sexual tendencies are open and clear, he says that he has never come out of the closet. “As far as I’m concerned, closets are for clothes and dead people. Not for living people. I didn’t have this concept at all, I’ve always been who I am – without titles and without definitions,” he explains.

The fact that you are an adult in the community, is there any different treatment?

“Terrible and terrible. It’s terrible and terrible to be a vaija (old woman) and among gays in the State of Israel after the age of 30 you are already out of business. In Europe, in the US – there are clubs for adults and you really have a community life, in Israel there is no, a cemetery, you passed the Age 35 – Se-to, you don’t belong, you’re old. In various apps they say – ‘You’re an adult.'” But there’s no reason to worry – Clear clarifies that he finds his men, who are “really men”, in other places – outside of the apps, but he refuses to reveal where. “Don’t enter my territory honey”.

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Clear sparrowClear sparrow

“Know my men in other places. Men men”

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