Ivy Blue and Jay-Z backstage to support Beyoncé… so did the latter have a secret surgery before her tour?

Ivy Blue, the daughter of international singer Beyoncé, began to steal the limelight from her mother after her frequent public appearances with her in more than one artistic show. After Ivy Blue’s historic appearance in a red dress on stage with her mother at the opening ceremony of a hotel in the Emirate of Dubai, and her participation in singing in a scene that is still stuck in the memory of the international star’s audience, here she is, the eleven-year-old girl making headlines in Western newspapers with pictures of her taken from the scenes of the concert. Beyoncé, the last one with which she opened her huge and long “Renaissance World Tour” from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The girl accompanied her father, Jay Z, the rapper, to check out her mother’s performance and make sure that all preparations are going well. The reason was what was later revealed by the media about a gap in Beyoncé’s dance performance, as a large number of the singer’s audience was shocked by the staggering performance of the star while she was moving on the stage, as she seemed restricted in the steps of her performance, and she took more than one break, opening the show with a number of dance songs, what He confirms the validity of the rumors that circulated four months ago that the American singer suffered a foot injury and that she underwent secret surgery, which hindered her movement on stage. However, the artist’s audience did not skimp on her moral support, with a series of tweets in support of her.

Away from the issue of injury, Beyoncé opened her “Renaissance World Tour”, which extends over four months from Stockholm, where she presented her first show after an absence of 7 years, igniting a dense audience of more than sixty thousand who attended from long distances, and from the United States and Brazil, He waited in lines for hours outside the theater, eager to see his favorite star. The singer gave imaginative performances, through which she appeared in seven strange and unique looks, so she appeared in a lunar vehicle, and rode a diamond horse that flew over the audience, and she also appeared in the form of a butterfly through which she seemed very exciting, and borrowed the appearance of a newscast presenter.

And the “Renaissance” tour that Beyoncé started in Stockholm will include 56 concerts in 40 cities, and her next stop has been announced in France, where she will perform a concert in Paris on May 26, and another in Marseille on June 11.