Fatima Al-Momen moved from engineering to fashion, and the image of her mysterious fiancé causes confusion

Fatima Al Momen is a beautiful, intelligent and multi-talented woman. After obtaining a degree in architecture in the United States and during her work in the private sector, she began working simultaneously in the field of fashion, beauty and fashion.

its inception

Her real name is Fatima Essam Hamad Al Momen. She was born in Kuwait on January 2, 1993. She has two sisters, Maryam, a lawyer, and Sumoud, an actress. After completing high school, she continued her studies in architecture at the University of Miami in Florida, after which she joined the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, then returned to settle in Kuwait. I worked in the private sector for two years in conjunction with an activity in the field of fashion, beauty and fashion.

its specifications

Fatima Al-Momen was distinguished by a Bedouin Gulf beauty, attractive dark skin, long black hair and wide black eyes. Her body is graceful and she is constantly exercising. And about the secret of her agility, Fatima says that she has been following a healthy diet for many years and does not hesitate to give useful advice to girls to maintain their agility.


Fatima Al-Momen underwent a rhinoplasty and an enlargement of her lips. She is keen to keep up with fashion and choose sophisticated and elegant designs. She caught the eye in 2021 when she participated in the Cannes Film Festival and appeared in a white dress characterized by a long tail and multiple layers, designed by Lebanese designer Tony Ward. She also appeared at the opening ceremony of the Red Sea Festival in Jeddah in a golden-purple dress, and her look was classic and attractive.

success story

Fatima Al-Momen’s success story began through social networking sites in 2014, and thanks to her intelligence, she became one of the most important women in the world of fashion, beauty and fashion.

her private life

Fatima Al-Moumen’s husband is still an unknown person. Fatima revealed the news of her sudden engagement since April 2, 2023, and kept her fiancé’s name and appearance in private, so that the followers would not recognize him despite his presence in the image that she shared with the followers, as she hid his facial features in a new and innovative way, as Her fiancé placed the palm of his right hand in front of his face, and the same hand was raised next to him, and the engagement rings appeared on their fingers. The young man was shining in a formal youth suit, amid a great reaction from Fatima’s followers, who were keen to confirm the news and its connection with a brief comment in which she said, “Now it has become official.”

This news came three weeks after her media appearance, where she was hosted by the Kuwaiti media, Saleh Al-Rasheed, in his artistic program, “Cinderella.” During the meeting, she expressed her desire to be associated with a young Saudi national, explaining that she had no problem marrying a non-Kuwaiti and commented, “It is not necessary for him to be my husband.” The future is of Kuwaiti nationality, for my part, I would prefer it to be a Gulf man, but quite frankly I love the Saudi nationality very much…”. And when she was asked about the reason for her love for Saudi nationality, and this strong desire to marry a Saudi man, she confirmed that she preferred the Saudi dialect, other than that her mother was Saudi.

communication Web-sites

The star of beauty and fashion, Fatima Al-Moumen, has nearly two million followers on her social media account, and they admire her content and want to benefit from her extensive experience in the field of beauty and fashion.

her sisters

Fatima Al-Moumen’s sisters are the artist Samoud Al-Moumen and the lawyer Maryam Al-Moumen, and they are very close and their pictures often appear with each other on social media. It is noteworthy that the steadfastness of the believer is one of the prominent actresses in the artistic community, as she participated in many TV series during a short period that won the admiration of many in the State of Kuwait, and she had many fans and admirers.

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