A tiger cub is allegedly being held in a house in the center of the country

A tiger cub is allegedly being held in a house in the center of the country
A tiger cub is allegedly being held in a house in the center of the country

The Border Guard is investigating a suspicion that a video showing the cub was filmed in the center of the country and not made abroad, as was initially thought in a previous case – with the lion cub “Abu Malek”, who was smuggled into Israel from Jordan. The cost of the Mira cub is estimated at one hundred thousand shekels

Shimon Ifergan

| Published 05/17/23 21:32

Soldiers from the Border Guard and the Nature and Parks Authority are investigating a suspicion that a tiger cub, named Mira, was smuggled into Israel. In recent days, videos of the puppy, who is allegedly kept in a house in the center of the country, have been circulated on social networks. The suspicion is that the puppy, whose cost is around NIS 100,000, was smuggled out of Jordan a few weeks ago by smugglers from the Bedouin diaspora.

“We are checking the video,” says a Border Guard official. This is because the suspicion was investigated that it was filmed in Israel and not edited abroad, as was assumed about three months ago. Then a lion cub, “Abu Malek”, who was kept in a home in the Bedouin diaspora, was smuggled out of Jordan. His owner demanded the sum of 150 thousand shekels from him. After a lengthy investigation, Investigators of the central unit of the Southern Police located the puppy and it was handed over to the Nature and Parks Authority. Will soon be returned to Africa.

“The last time with Abu Malek, we thought it was not in Israel at first and it turned out that indeed, the puppy was smuggled to Israel. We are doing a thorough investigation, if we know for sure that the puppy is being held here, we will reach out to its owner and take it. It is a sad phenomenon, that animal puppies are smuggled out and separated from their parents in exchange for money “.

Recently, many animals were smuggled into Israel from the border with Jordan, such as foxes, falcons, hyenas and snakes, which were sold for hundreds of thousands of shekels to the residents of the territories and the Negev. “At first when they smuggled a lion cub here, we thought it was a joke. We didn’t believe it was true. We were going to sell it and we located it,” adds a police officer.

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