A look at RuPaul’s crazy mansion

A look at RuPaul’s crazy mansion
A look at RuPaul’s crazy mansion

Live like a real queen: Drag artist and queen mother of all queens, RuPaul, opened the doors to his luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, where he is also his partner Georges LaBarre, and it turns out that it is much more glittering than anyone could have imagined.

The 62-year-old RuPaul, the mastermind behind the popular and successful reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race, purchased the luxurious property in 2019 for $13.7 million. Now the maddening mansion appears on the cover of the June issue of the architecture and design magazine Architectural Digest, alongside a video guided tour that made us think we may have chosen the wrong profession. And there is a lot that needs to be done on this tour, because after all it is a mansion with an area of ​​10,309 square meters.

After purchasing the property, which has an area of ​​10,309 square meters and has six bedrooms and five bathrooms, RuPaul hired interior designer Martin Lawrence Bullard and architect Christopher Hatch McLean who turned the mansion into a colorful fortress befitting the world of the world’s most famous drag queen.

“I’m RuPaul and welcome to our home,” RuPaul says at the start of the tour video, as he stands in a pink foyer next to a marble staircase. RuPaul started the tour in the “disco room”, where no less than 26 disco balls hang next to huge pictures of iconic divas such as Donna Summer and Diana Ross. From there, the drag artist continues to the bold kitchen, which is all black and white alongside RuPaul’s favorite color – orange. The breakfast nook is bigger than most dining rooms and also has a gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent light fixture, so it’s hard to believe it’s only for cornflakes with milk.

Other amazing corners of the house include a food “pavilion” inspired by the diva Elizabeth Taylor, an orange office where all the Emmy awards won by RuPaul stand, a dedicated room for yoga and meditation and the outer space of the mansion where you will find a pool and spa, which can easily be turned into a stage where you can perform if necessary.

But of all the areas in the spacious mansion, the jaw really drops when you get to RuPaul’s huge closet, which is actually two rooms from the original mansion joined together. For the avoidance of doubt, this is not RuPaul’s drag wardrobe, but his men’s wardrobe where you will find his familiar colorful suits, alongside the leather boots, shoes, bags and all the accompanying accessories, in addition to a sewing box that once belonged to the actress Ann Margaret.

The tour ended, of course, in the working heart of the house – the RuPaul’s Drag Archive. “This is the central place, the core of the reactor. This is the drag archive: jewelry, shoes, dresses, anything you want – everything is here,” RuPaul says of the drag room, which is designed like an elegant boutique that none of us can afford to shop in. In the prestigious boutique you can find RuPaul’s most prestigious jewelry, countless high heels and boots, and of course dresses on mannequins next to many doors that apparently lead to more and more items. Cheers to you Roo.

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