“The meg 2 movie, with subtitles,” link to Egybest, the date of the movie meg 2 with Jason Statham 2023, the second part, on Egybest and Netflix

Egybest link, the date of the meg 2 movie, where Warner Bros, the producer of the new movie the meg 2, launched a promotional video for the movie during the past hours, which caused a sensation on many social media sites, and here everyone is wondering about the date of showing the second part of the movie the meg 2, starring international star Jason Statham, which we will learn about by following the following article.

The movie The Mega 2 Jason Statham 2023 release date

The movie The Meg 2 is a sequel to the first part of the movie The Meg, which was shown in the past 2018, and which was able to achieve great success in the world, achieving at that time revenues that amounted to half a billion dollars, and the second part of the movie The Meg 2 is scheduled to start showing In all international theaters on the 4th of next August 2023.

The promotional video for the movie the meg 2, which was only two minutes and 51 seconds long, revealed a number of shots that combined excitement, horror and comedy between the action heroes, and the story of the movie the meg revolves around marine diver Jonas Taylor facing a mysterious danger in the depths of the ocean in the Marina Trench, Which made him forced to abort the mission and to abandon half of his crew at work, then he receives a phone call about the sinking of the submarine on which his ex-wife is, after which he risks his life to save that submarine and those on board.

The mega 2 jason statham 2023 movie on egybest

You can watch and download the new movie, The Meg 2, international star Jason Statham, complete and translated into Arabic, on the new link of the EgyBest website, after it was shown in theaters directly, for free and in excellent quality HD, by entering the entry link for EgyBest 2023 and writing the name of the movie The Meg 2 and enjoying watching. At any time.

Meg 2 movie in high quality

Viewers can watch the movie Meg 2 on the My Cima website after showing it in the cinema, where the My Cima website displays the latest films and series, both white and foreign, in different resolutions that suit all packages, good, medium and high. Among the films shown on the site is the full Meg 2 movie, just by clicking on the My Sima website link.

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