Alon Birch in a new venture: a look behind the scenes of the fashion world

Yesterday evening (Wednesday) the MASTERS project was launched in collaboration with Alon Livna, a digital project for distance learning, behind which producer Assaf Schneiderman stands, which aims to bring together the general public with the greatest experts in their field, with the aim of giving a glimpse behind the scenes and tools for the profession in which they practice.

Schneiderman accompanied Livna for two years to create 14 episodes under the name the collection, which have recently been uploaded to the MASTERS platform and show how a collection is created – from the initial stage of inspiration to setting up a display, as we have never seen before.

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The glittering launch event that took place at Braverman Gallery, headed by curator Adi Gora, included a glimpse of the first episode of the project and a unique dance performance with Batsheva dancers whose body was drawn by Livna next to the show.

Of course, many distinguished guests came to the event to pay their respects to Livna – hair stylist Miki Boganim, producer Moti Reif, TV presenter Bel Agam, businesswoman Miri Habas, model Niver Medar, actor Tom Baum, actress Shira Naor, actress Liyoz Levy, model Shahar Hayon, model Romi Frankel, the actress Mia Landsman and others.