This is how the stars celebrated Adel Imam’s birthday

This is how the stars celebrated Adel Imam’s birthday
This is how the stars celebrated Adel Imam’s birthday

The leader of cinema, the king of comedy, and the legend of the theater, the distinguished Egyptian actor, Adel Imam, celebrates his 83rd birthday, who presented a rich artistic career that spanned nearly 60 years, with more than 160 works between theater, cinema, and series, sitting on the throne of stardom in the Arab world for decades.

The stars of Egyptian and Arab art celebrated the birth of an imam, who was born on May 17, 1940, sending him messages of love and appreciation, considering him to be the role model and ideal in the artistic community.

The name of Adel Imam Al-Trend was published on social media, and expressions of celebration of the leader spread after many years of artistic giving, and in the midst of a controversial absence.

“Nujoum will go, nouum will come, and you will prefer the star of the nouum”… With these beautiful words, the Egyptian artist Salah Abdullah congratulated the leader, describing him as “the imam of the creators.”

Enumerating his most prominent works of art, Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris sent a message of congratulations and thanks to the leader, for the happiness and joy he brought to the hearts of his lovers and loved ones, wishing him continued health and wellness.

Through a phone call to the “Ninth” program, she returned to Elham Shaheen, the leader, saying that he is “an artistic phenomenon that is difficult to replicate, as he has no similarity, does not imitate anyone, and no one will come after him,” stressing that she learned from him artistically and humanly, especially from his great stances against terrorism. He is the first artist to present a group of films against terrorism, noting that he helped her a lot at the beginning of her artistic career, expressing her pride in his participation in the movie “Halfoot”.

Shaheen tweeted on Twitter: “Every year, my friend, my very dear colleague, and my teacher, from whom I learned a lot, are good and fine.”

As for the star, Sherihan, she congratulated the leader with touching words, describing him as a “great Egyptian flag,” tweeting, “Your journey is a lesson in giving, commitment, and respect. You were, are, and will remain just, one imam like no other.”

A number of other stars also directed insults through televised programs and media outlets, expressing their longing for the leader and proud of their participation in some of his works, such as Bayoumi Fouad, Amr Wahba, Aws Aws, Hana Al Zahed, and Iman Al-Assi, as the Kuwaiti media, May Al-Aidan, congratulated him, tweeting, “On Eid.” On your birthday, we say to you that we love you, leader… You made us happy, enjoyed, taught, and delighted us.”