Artificial intelligence unleashes atomic weapons on us in a new MDB movie

While we’re all busy finding everyday uses for GPT chat, Twentieth Century Studios is taking AI one step further with the new film “The Creator”. The studio has now released a first trailer in which it seems that the dangers lurking in the technology certainly outweigh the benefits.

The film follows Joshua (John David Washington“Tent”), a former IMM agent who mourns the disappearance of his wife (Gemma Chan, “eternal”). The agent is re-enlisted to hunt down the “Creator” – the person who created an artificial intelligence that was able to produce a weapon powerful enough to wipe out humanity.

Joshua and his team embark on a journey beyond enemy lines, and into a territory completely controlled by artificial intelligence. When they arrive, they discover that the dangerous weapon they are required to find has taken the form of a little girl.

In the trailer we discover that ten years after it was activated, the artificial intelligence created to protect humanity dropped a nuclear weapon on Los Angeles. The humans go to war against the entity, and vow to kill it before it kills them.

From “The Creator” (Courtesy of Disney 20th Century Studios)

After the burglary operation, Joshua finds the dangerous weapon and realizes that it is a girl that he simply cannot hurt. When everyone directs him to eliminate the girl, Joshua decides to run away with her and find another way to save humanity. A camaraderie forms between the two as the agent feels he has lost a human image, while the girl was never human at all.

The film comes from screenwriter and director Gareth Edwards (“One Rogue: A Star Wars Story”) and the cast is joined by Allison Janney (“I, Tonya”), Ken Watanabe (“Beginning”), and the singer Sturgill Simpson.

The film will hit theaters in the US on September 29. It has not yet been announced when it will be screened in Israel.

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