Dubai Police sponsors the education of 5 children of inmates

Dubai Police sponsors the education of 5 children of inmates
Dubai Police sponsors the education of 5 children of inmates

Follow-up – Nagham Hassan

Dubai Police took care of the education expenses of 5 of the inmates’ children, attached them to an American school, allocated safe daily transportation for them, and also provided assistance for them in their daily duties, in addition to providing a number of female childcare specialists for those under the age of education 24 hours a day.

quality services

According to Al-Bayan newspaper, Colonel Jamila Al-Zaabi, director of the Women’s Prison at the General Administration of Punitive and Correctional Institutions in Dubai, said: Dubai Police was keen to provide quality services that are the first of their kind in the world and in accordance with the principles of children’s rights, the most important of which is the right to education.

Colonel Al Zaabi added to Al-Bayan that there are approximately 32 children of different ages for inmate mothers, as the Dubai Police provides wards for mothers equipped with all the equipment needed by a mother who embraces her child under two years, while rooms have been allocated for older children equipped with educational and teaching aids. With female supervisors specialized in dealing with this age, he is fluent in the Arabic and English languages, in addition to memorizing the Qur’an for Muslim women and for those who wish to do so.


She pointed out that the matter does not depend on the provision of basic services, but rather extends to birthday parties and celebrations of various occasions, in addition to outdoor entertainment trips to Children’s City, KidZania and some public parks accompanied by female supervisors, in order to remove the idea of ​​children being in prison and relieve them throughout their time with their mothers, noting that this This contributes to the creation of healthy children as much as possible who integrate into society.


She pointed out that the women’s prison administration is keen to welcome the new inmates, and reassure them that they are one family, and that the goal of the Dubai Police is to help them overcome their ordeal by enrolling in rehabilitative, educational, training, vocational, sports, cultural and religious programmes, in an effort to reform them so that they can reconcile with themselves and coexist with the emerging circumstances, And starting over with the community after the end of the sentence, and that this actually contributed to improving the behavior of the inmates, some of whom mastered a new profession that they could start in their own country.

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