After an illness: the late R. Chaim Frisand

After an illness: the late R. Chaim Frisand
After an illness: the late R. Chaim Frisand

Baruch Dayan the truth: In the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, Rabbi Chaim Frisand, late of the Bayan Beitar Chassidim and a veteran teacher in Jerusalem, passed away at the age of 58 after a short illness.

R. Chaim died at three o’clock in the morning, which was the regular time he would get up to pray the Bentz every morning at the Western Wall and was a great charity collector who distributed in secret.

R. Chaim was born in Jerusalem to his father R. Shalom Baruch Frisand Shalita, a Hasidic elder in Bayan.

He was related in the Jewish Law to the Rebbe of Bayan and had the privilege of building a house for him and for glory.

R. Chaim has been ill for the past few months with a disease of the late night, last night after midnight when one of the family members was with him he gave him his hand and asked how he was doing and in a moment he closed his eyes and died a kiss death in the full sense of the word.

The Chassidim in Bayan are shocked by Rabbi Chaim’s passing when the Chassidim’s response is “The Lord takes the good people to him, he was a man who knew how to always give a kind word and put a smile on every person regardless of age,” one of the Chassidim tells Behadari Haredim.

He was a very wise and clever man who would go to the USA and never gave up on getting up in Bentz to study before the prayer and then go out to raise money.

Lived in Beitar Hatzira and was young and kind and nice loved by everyone. For many years he served as a Talmud Torah teacher for the poor in Jerusalem and was a teacher loved by the children.

He left behind a blessed generation of righteous people, his sons from the most important Chassidic leaders in Bayan, Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Israel, Rabbi Yosef from the managers of the Shtilim organization for Hasidic youth in Bayan, Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Mordechai.

His funeral will leave at 11:30 a.m. from the Shamgar funeral home in Jerusalem, and will pass through the Dahasidi cloister in Ian, Malchi Israel Street, to Hare HaManochut there, Yeatman.

May his soul be bundled in the bundle of life.