“What is the country without Judaism, Uganda?”: mercury and sickle in a stormy conversation

“What is the country without Judaism, Uganda?”: mercury and sickle in a stormy conversation
“What is the country without Judaism, Uganda?”: mercury and sickle in a stormy conversation

A couple of radio broadcasters, Yanon Magal and Ben Caspit, opened their program on Radio 103FM this morning (Thursday) with the celebration of Jerusalem Day. Caspit mentioned the city’s poverty, and Magel was quick to respond.

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“I can’t understand how all the lovers of Jerusalem can’t help her either. It’s a poor, rebellious city, every year we have to put between one billion and one and a half billion shekels there. This is the capital of Israel, it should stand on its own,” Caspit claimed.

“I think you’ve lost a bit of momentum,” answered Magal, “it’s already changed to security warnings. You used to celebrate in the media, ‘Jerusalem report, no manpower.’ Like this every year. This is how the media would note every year, it was Jerusalem Day. Now, in recent years it has changed, now it is the security alerts. Hamas is threatening, the police are preparing, the security forces, the Minister of National Security said who will go up to the Temple Mount. There are no celebrations, there is no Jerusalem for us. is nothing. This is how they celebrate. This is their event.”

Magal continued: “What’s the matter? All the pressure is manipulation by the Palestinians, by the Arabs. Just as they took all of Israel, Palestine was not important to them at all, they wanted to be part of greater Syria. Now, Palestine has become what all the Arabs are talking about They took the Temple Mount, their mosque, they even placed it outside the Temple area. The same thing Independence Day, now Jerusalem Day so they do flag parades, now it’s security alerts. And the Israeli media serves this narrative. Have a great holiday happy”.

“Why just harass the listeners? Call Ahmed Tibi and yell at him,” Caspit scolded. “I know the truth is hard, especially on your side, but the truth is that Jerusalem is a poor, desolate city, its condition is getting worse. No one will teach me what Jerusalem is, and I am very happy on Jerusalem Day and I even remember the original Jerusalem Day, the first. It is the capital of Israel, The city that Zionism is named after, the problem is that it is moving away from Zionism a little today. You see how this business does not last financially. If the truth is something that makes it difficult for you, I am ready to stop telling it if you ask nicely.”

Flag Parade in Jerusalem (Photo: Police Spokesperson)

He also said: “It saddens me that we, the democratic Israelis, the Zionists, the liberals, those who are protesting these days, who decided to fight for the state, have lost that too. Religious Zionism has come, and especially the ultra-Orthodox, for whom Jerusalem Day means turning over a few booths at the Nablus Gate and poking a finger in the eye of those who live there. They took Jerusalem Day from us. If they asked me we should solve it. Do you want to dance with the flags and security alerts? We must not give up Jerusalem Day, celebrate it in our own way.”

“If you say ‘we need to point out’, point out,” replied Magal. What do you have to say? If there is no education for the love of Judaism, for tradition, for the love of the land, for the Torah – there is nothing. You do not understand? What would the country be without Judaism? what will you be Uganda?”.

“You are the last one in the world to teach, neither me nor my camp, what is Jerusalem, what is love for Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, what is Zion,” Caspit answered. “Start internalizing, we are probably separate. We are brothers of the ultra-Orthodox, just as in Judaism no one can determine for us brothers, we cannot choose either. But we are not ready to continue financing this. Therefore, when Goldknopf says tonight, ‘If the government does not approve the The additional 600 million, we will not approve the budget’, and another title that this increase in ultra-orthodox education in general has an automatic mechanism, it is going to increase from now on. You know what? Many ultra-Orthodox people understand this.

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Shani Romano 103fm