Emirates News Agency – First Abu Dhabi Bank Academy.. 50 ju-jitsu training sessions per week for more than 2,000 male and female players

Emirates News Agency – First Abu Dhabi Bank Academy.. 50 ju-jitsu training sessions per week for more than 2,000 male and female players
Emirates News Agency – First Abu Dhabi Bank Academy.. 50 ju-jitsu training sessions per week for more than 2,000 male and female players

50 weekly ju-jitsu training sessions for more than 2,000 male and female players.

The First Abu Dhabi Bank Academy is a talent mine and a hero factory for the national team.

ABU DHABI, 18th May, 2020 (WAM) — The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation has revealed a remarkable development in the level of talent joining the First Abu Dhabi Bank Jiu-Jitsu Academy, since the bank’s sponsorship of the federation and the establishment of the academy in one of the training halls at the Mubadala Arena in Zayed Sports City earlier this year.

The academy provides a distinguished sports environment through the use of the best training and technical expertise, and innovative qualification programs, which help talents to constantly develop with a successful career in the game.

This remarkable development consolidates First Abu Dhabi Bank’s efforts to sustain its community initiatives aimed at advancing the national sports scene in general, and jiu-jitsu in particular.

Since the beginning of the current year, the academy has witnessed a remarkable growth in the number of its members, reaching 40%, which reached more than 2,000 male and female players between the ages of 4 and 16, who form a strong base for future talents and stars.

The joint vision of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation and First Abu Dhabi Bank contributed to enhancing the number of members of the academy to become one of the best sports projects in the world in terms of work environment, training programs, coaches and talents, allowing them to reach the world and represent the UAE team in the best way in all international forums.

His Excellency Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, Vice President of the UAE Ju-Jitsu Federation, said in this regard: “The partnership and cooperation agreement that brought together the federation and First Abu Dhabi Bank provided an ideal framework for the growth of the academy and its success in attracting a large segment of sports fans and promising talents.
The academy contributes to supporting martial arts in general and ju-jitsu in particular, which prompts the union’s efforts to spread the game and expand its spread base by providing its members with the highest levels of training, investing in and refining their talents, and preparing them to adopt a successful professional career that paves the way for them to join the national team and contribute to the consolidation of its various achievements. .

The academy employs eight trainers with expertise and high competencies to keep pace with the latest development and growth of the sport of jujutsu in accordance with international best practices, including doubling training sessions on weekends, and the use of new qualified training cadres to meet the increasing levels of demand. 50 training sessions per week.

The members of the Academy achieved outstanding results during their participation in tournaments organized by the federation in the recent period, after the members of the age group ranging between 4 and 15 years succeeded in ascending to the podium repeatedly, which highlights the high levels of training and development provided by the Academy, and its optimal investment in the age groups. The youngest that represents the future of UAE Jiu-Jitsu.

For her part, Futoun Al Mazrouei, Head of Banking Services Group at First Abu Dhabi Bank, said: “We are pleased to see the positive results of our partnership with the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation, which sheds light on the complementary roles to support the thriving scene of the sport of Jiu-Jitsu in the UAE, and we are proud of our tangible contributions in this field.” There is no doubt that the increase in the number of members of the academy, and the successes they have achieved, is the best evidence of the quality of the training provided by the First Abu Dhabi Bank Ju-Jitsu Academy. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the federation and contributing to the development of the game scene in the country and the world.

The First Abu Dhabi Bank Jiu-Jitsu Academy hosts a group of trainers and experts who have extensive experiences obtained from several different schools in the world, especially in Latin America and Europe.. Among these trainers is the Brazilian Michael Ramos, who has a training experience of 17 years, and he obtained a black belt in 2017. .

Ramos said: “I am responsible for training children in the age group between the ages of 4 and 7 years, and this group represents the basis from which children start to acquire the basics of sports and the main skills of the game. They have the continuity in progressing and qualifying to participate in local tournaments as an initial stage towards professionalism.”

He added: “The jiu-jitsu project in the UAE is a world leader, as it has an exceptional sports structure that most of the countries in which it has worked over the past years do not have. The First Abu Dhabi Bank Academy is considered one of the ideal academies that provide all the ingredients for success for its members of all ages, and the academy receives an increasing number of practitioners.” Aspiring to excellence, we supervise nearly ten training sessions daily to meet the growth of participants and associates, and the academy is equipped with the best training specifications available to qualify a generation of champions. We have many promising talents that are developing rapidly in terms of performance and skills acquisition, and the academy owns a project Distinguished helps children to participate in tournaments, which motivates buds to present their best levels that pave the way for them to participate in tournaments.”

Kholoud Saeed Al Ameri, the mother of Zayed, Sheikha and Rashid Ahmed Al Mansouri, who are members of the First Abu Dhabi Bank Jiu-Jitsu Academy, confirmed: “Ju-Jitsu has contributed positively to the personality of my children and has earned them self-confidence, commitment and responsibility. Naturally, these values ​​are among the most important features that contribute to their development. Building strong generations capable of contributing to the nation’s renaissance.

She added: “What we found in the academy of enormous advantages, international trainers, plans and programs for the development of practitioners, strengthens my children’s adherence to this sport, who have become more keen to be present in training and spend long hours in it, and there is no doubt that their love and attachment to this noble sport contributed to They also developed academically, and enabled them to ideally plan to invest their time and achieve a balance between studying and playing their favorite game..Ju-Jitsu has become a way of life for many Emirati families, and our children are eagerly looking forward to representing the country in international tournaments, especially since the wise leadership provides all the capabilities that facilitate the arrival of sons and daughters The country is at the top in all fields.

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