A Saudi elderly man speaks fluent English with a tourist and sparks an interaction

Al Arabiya.net – Nadia Al-Fawwaz

Published in: May 18, 2023: 09:45 AM GST
Last updated: May 18, 2023: 11:52 AM GST

In the language of the confident in his ability to dialogue, an elderly Saudi spoke English fluently with a tourist in the village of Al-Wahi located in Habbona Governorate, Najran Region. However, the tourist apologized to him, thanking the generous offer from the man and apologizing for not accepting it because he had an appointment in Najran and wanted to continue the road.

The video impressed the pioneers of social networking sites, and they praised the elderly man’s proficiency in the English language, calling for honoring him for what he represents as an important element in tourist guidance, and for reflecting the positive images of the region among tourists.

Elder translator

Social media users praised the man who speaks excellent English, and speaks it without making mistakes or stuttering.

And an account was published on the Twitter site, saying: Honoring the soul is its desire, may God prolong his life, the translator Saeed bin Saleh, in the reception of a traveler in Najran.

He also appeared in another video with the same tourist, explaining the details of one of the areas, and gave him a special dagger as a souvenir, and asked him to keep it to remember him.

Who is the translator?

The translator, who speaks fluent English, is Saeed Saleh Al Salim from the Najran region, as Saudi activists explain on social media.

The owner of one of the accounts said: This is Saeed Saleh Al Salim from Shaybana, O people of Najran, may God prolong his life, and this is a group of clips of him with the tourists, and other accounts indicated that the man is one of the dignitaries of the Salim tribe, and that the video filmed with the tourist was in the village of Al-Wahi in the Habbona governorate.

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