Minister of Electricity: A package of incentives to encourage the private sector to invest in Egypt

Minister of Electricity: A package of incentives to encourage the private sector to invest in Egypt
Minister of Electricity: A package of incentives to encourage the private sector to invest in Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, inaugurated the seventh session of the international exhibition and conference for refrigeration, air conditioning, insulation, heating and energy companies, “HVAC-R EGYPT EXPO – ASHRAE CAIRO” “HVAC Egypt Expo – Ashry Cairo”, which will be held from 17 to 19 May. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, at the Egyptian Exhibition Center, Field Marshal Tantawy Axis, New Cairo.

In a statement today, Dr. Mohamed Shaker emphasized the interest that the Egyptian government in general and the electricity sector attaches to localizing various industries, as well as providing a package of incentives and guarantees to encourage private sector investors to invest in Egypt.

Shaker expressed his happiness at the increase in the number of participants in the exhibition and the international conference for refrigeration, air-conditioning, insulation, heating and energy companies, as more than 250 major companies in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry are participating in the exhibition and conference.

Many international, Arab, Asian and European companies of countries from China – India – Turkey – Bahrain – Uzbekistan – Arab Emirates – Spain – Vietnam – Italy are keen to participate in the exhibition activities to build distinguished relationships and increase the volume of their sales, after Egypt made great positive strides in preparing The climate to attract Arab and foreign investments, and the Egyptian economy has become diversified and has promising investment opportunities.

The participation of more than 250 companies in the exhibition activities aims to open markets, increase export volumes, and contribute to supporting the Egyptian economy and attracting foreign currency.

A number of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, members of the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Building Materials Industries, and the “Ashry Cairo” association, in addition to the presence of many heads of banks and financing institutions and heads of export councils, and a number of ambassadors of African, Arab and foreign countries in Cairo. And “Ashry Pyramids Association”, in the opening activities.

The International Conference and Exhibition for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industries includes a number of seminars and discussions on the future of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and a review of what is new in the field of thermal insulation and ventilation, refrigeration systems, protection systems, spare parts for handling units and control devices, as well as a review of opportunities and challenges facing the industry and means of its growth and development, and access to International experiences and the latest global systems in this sector.

It is also expected that the activities of the exhibition and conference will witness an increase in the number of attendees, especially from foreign delegations currently in Cairo to participate in the activities of the exhibition. It is expected that the number of visitors to the exhibition will reach approximately 20 thousand specialized visitors over the course of 3 days from Egypt, Arab, African and foreign countries.

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