Amsalem worked to appoint a CEO who was convicted of several crimes

Amsalem worked to appoint a CEO who was convicted of several crimes
Amsalem worked to appoint a CEO who was convicted of several crimes

Moshe Suisa was convicted of disciplinary offenses in the context of competing for tenders for the fire department, where he worked as a chief fire representative. In addition, Suissa was convicted twice more, both when he hid the disciplinary offenses from the tender committee, and also when he confessed to receiving a prohibited donation with a conflict of interest

Despite a string of significant convictions against him: the minister who liaises between the government and the Knesset Dodi Amsalem acted this morning (Thursday) in appointing Moshe Suisa to the position of director general of the Ministry for Regional Cooperation. This means that Suvisa will become responsible for the authority of the government companies. This was reported here by Network B.

For many years, Suisa worked in the fire department, and was even supposed to be appointed to the position of chief fire commissioner, but the disciplinary procedures prevented his appointment to the position.

Suisa was additionally convicted of disciplinary offenses, but he hid this from the tender committee when he competed in tenders for the fire department.

Suisa was also convicted of this in another proceeding, in which it was determined that “the accused committed a serious failure of values ​​when he did not disclose his disciplinary record when he was competing for two of the most senior positions in the fire authority.”

It was also written about him that “the wrong that sticks to the defendant’s actions is fundamental and fundamental, and his injury to the purity of morals in the public service is severe.”

Suissa was convicted again three years ago as part of a plea deal after admitting that he received a prohibited donation that was due to an inherent conflict of interest and exploitation of bitterness. The donation, it should be noted, was itself intended to finance another disciplinary proceeding against Suisa.’

Now Minister Amsalem has asked to be appointed to the position of Director General of the Ministry in charge of the Government Companies Authority. Amsalem is expected to face a difficult legal hurdle to convince the Civil Service Commission that the appointment is reasonable and appropriate. Minister Dodi Amsalem and designated CEO Moshe Suisa chose not to comment.