An initiative to teach the Korean language to 10,000 university students for free at the Misr Public Library – any service

The Misr Public Library announced the launch of the 10,000 university initiative, which aims to teach the Korean language, in order to activate the international partnership between the library and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

In this context, and as a continuation of the series of daily service news that Al-Watan provides to the reader around the clock, we explain in the following report the details of the initiative of 10,000 university students to teach the Korean language from the Misr Public Library, as follows:

10 thousand universities to teach the Korean language

The initiative of 10,000 university students to learn the Korean language is provided free of charge.

Lessons are conducted according to the best international educational programs, under the supervision of highly experienced, specialized professors chosen with great care.

The course aims to improve the level with a focus on improving the four skills speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The lectures are presented by the Korean lecturer, Jong Hwa Kim.

– For reservations and inquiries, contact the numbers 33360291-33360293 Ext. 125 01224988218 – 01114988218.

– The address of Egypt’s main public library, training center, 4 Gamal Hamdan Street, off Al-Tahawiya Street, next to the Saudi Embassy building.

German language scholarship

In a related context, it is also possible to obtain a German language scholarship from the Misr Public Library, and its details are as follows:

The first level of study in the German language is divided into 5 lectures, through which the trainee gets 15 hours of training each month. The cost of the scholarship is 150 pounds for one academic level.

– The grant is for 15 training hours only, including the certificate and exam at the end of the grant.

– The scholarship offers internationally accredited educational curricula, German language lecturers at the highest level.

– The grant can be obtained at any time, as the library has allocated an appointment in the morning and evening.

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