Israel’s R&D; and this time: Intuitive Surgical –

Parent company name: Intuitive Surgical.

Where is the company headquarters located?
Sunnyville, California, United States.

What is its field of activity?
The central system of Intuitive Surgical, which was established 25 years ago and is traded on Nasdaq with a value of over 90 billion dollars, is a robot Da Vinci, which allows surgeons to perform complex surgeries simply and with the highest level of precision. With the two R&D centers the company has in Israel, it has taken another step towards implementing its strategy, to create a digital ecosystem that will assist surgeons, operating room teams and hospitals in treating their patients.

What is the name of the local development centers?
Intuitive Israel.

What are the years of their activity?
2020, after the acquisition of the Israeli startup Orpheus Medicalfounded in 2012, by Intuitive Surgical.

Where is the center located in Israel?
Intuitive Surgical has, as mentioned, two R&D centers in Israel. These focus on developing a digital platform and processing data obtained following various medical procedures. The first center was established in Haifa in early 2020, following the purchase of Orpheus Medical, and the second one opened in Tel Aviv shortly after.

How many employees do the centers in Israel employ?
The company employs about 60 people in Israel.

Where does the company have additional development centers?
in the United States and Switzerland.

What do the development centers in Israel do?
Among other things, in development The father intuitive – A digital platform that allows doctors around the world to conduct life-saving surgeries and other procedures. In addition, the Israeli team leads the development of synthetic data models, which help in training algorithms and conducts significant research, which will lead to the improvement and expansion of the capabilities of the da Vinci robot.

The R&D center of Intuitive Israel. Photo: PR

Do the centers in Israel recruit workers? How many jobs are open?
Intuitive Israel is recruiting for several positions in various fields. The open positions appear on the company’s website.

What is the education profile required of job applicants?
For development jobs, those with a degree in computer science or software engineering have an advantage. For algorithmic jobs, there is an advantage to those with advanced degrees in electrical engineering, signal processing, physics, mathematics, and more.

What about integrating workers from different genders and sectors?
The company stated that “in the past year, 50% of its hires were of women, and they make up 33% of all its employees in Israel. This is a consistent upward trend in recent years in the representation of women in the company. In addition, over 40% of the employees are over the age of 40 and 20% were born outside to Israel and immigrated to Israel.”

Gadi Menachem, CEO of Intuitive Israel. Photo: PR

Who is the CEO of the development center?
Gedi Menachem He is the CEO of Intuitive Israel andOat herders Manages the R&D centers in Israel.

What is their seniority in the position?
Menachem has a seniority of about 10 years and Shibula – about two years.

What previous roles have they performed?
Menachem was the CEO of Orfaus Medical which, as mentioned, was purchased by Intuitive Surgical. Shibulat has over 20 years of experience in the medical industry. He held key development and management positions in companies Madinol and-MaxQ AI.

Roi Shibulot, director of the MO centers

Roi Shibolt, director of the R&D centers of Intuitive Israel. Photo: Private

Who are the other leaders of the development centers?
Ira YozefHuman Resources Manager; Gil Peledsales and service manager in Israel; Ami Halperin, manager of the product management field; andDaniel PinkDirector of Finance and Operations.

How does the company’s activity create an impact in Israel and the world?
Intuitive reported that “to date, the system has assisted surgeons in all states of the United States and in 67 countries around the world in performing more than 11 million procedures, including in a number of hospitals in Israel – Beilinson, Soroka, Rambam, Sheba, Ichilov, Assuta, Meir and more .

The activities of the teams in Israel make important information accessible to the doctor at the right time and in the right place, and they use advanced technologies to improve familiar treatment methods. The company’s developments lead to saving lives and improving the quality of life of patients around the world.”

What is the company’s vision for the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel?
comfort: “Intuitive Israel aspires to continue developing innovative technological products, which can contribute to the Israeli health system, as well as to patients in the leading hospital in Israel. Through the company’s talents, it will be able to continue to increase its activity in Israel, help surgeons save lives and contribute to making the medical industry efficient, innovative and advanced More”.

Oatmeal: “It is a particularly great pride to see our solutions create a significant impact in Israel and abroad. I hope to continue to see the fruits of our work helping surgeons and doctors in the leading hospitals around the world.”

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