Emirates News Agency – Peruvian Customs reviews Abu Dhabi Customs’ experience in the field of digital transformation

ABU DHABI, 18th May, 2020 (WAM) — The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs hosted – within the framework of the Global Trade Facilitation Program “GTFP” organized by the World Customs Organization (WCO-SECO), and in coordination with the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security.. a normative study via visual communication technology with the Department of Peruvian customs “SUNAT” to present its pioneering experience in digital transformation during the strategic transformation journey, and to benefit from the best global practices adopted by Abu Dhabi Customs, especially with regard to the use of modern technology, the automation of internal processes and the application of leading international standards, in line with new changes, needs and future visions for customs work.
Abu Dhabi Customs was chosen by the World Customs Organization to participate in this program, which lasted for three days, to promote and facilitate international trade for the beneficiary and selected countries. Abu Dhabi Customs practices were praised as one of the leading global administrations in applying international standards and best practices in the customs field, and providing innovative services. And the employment of advanced technologies to facilitate the movement of goods and passengers.
Dr. Ibrahim Al Khaja, Director of the Human Resources Department, gave a comprehensive overview of the digital transformation journey of human resources and the achievements of Abu Dhabi Customs, through the application of comprehensive automation to manage its human capital using advanced Oracle technologies, reviewing the importance of investing in human resources, including innovation and adoption of best practices. Global development and technical infrastructure using the latest technologies and taking advantage of the artificial intelligence revolution.

He pointed to the importance of applying automation at the level of administrative and technical development of human resources in the General Administration of Customs, highlighting at the same time the efforts of Abu Dhabi Customs to enhance its services and support its human cadres in order to enhance government performance and make it more compatible with the requirements of the future, as Abu Dhabi Customs is the first government agency in The Middle East is implementing the Oracle Full Oracle HCM Cloud Suite with Analytics project, and the first government agency in Abu Dhabi to be classified as the best work environment by the Great Place To Work organization, in addition to winning the gold award as the best organization to work in at the 2022 International Stevie Awards.
Eng. Qaddam Khalid Al Marzouqi, Director of the Development and Strategic Planning Department, gave an overview of the digital transformation strategy at Abu Dhabi Customs, reviewing the experience of the general public administration in the field of using digital technology to improve main and support services, and ensure the implementation of integrated systems to support data management and information security, and the continuous development of the infrastructure. Technical infrastructure to support operational integration and enhance the effectiveness of human capital management.
Abu Dhabi Customs representatives reviewed the indicators and impact of digital transformation, project management methodology, governance and automation using PPM, compliance with ISO standards, and global customs recognitions, in addition to presenting the main functions of monitoring the performance management system “PMS”, informing the Peruvian delegation of the most prominent achievements, strategic projects and services provided to its customers. Which contributes to facilitating trade and saving time and effort for workers and customers alike.
At the end of the benchmarking sessions, the General Secretariat of the World Customs Organization and the delegation of Peruvian customs expressed their thanks and gratitude to Abu Dhabi Customs and the United Arab Emirates for their participation in the Global Trade Facilitation Program “GTFP” and for providing the opportunity for Peruvian customs to learn and benefit from their current practices and build a roadmap to enhance the program its update. Expressing its interest in enhancing the exchange of experiences and joint cooperation by proposing the signing of an agreement for mutual administrative assistance with the United Arab Emirates.

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