Former Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities: We are working to present Egypt to the world in a modern way

Former Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities: We are working to present Egypt to the world in a modern way
Former Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities: We are working to present Egypt to the world in a modern way

Ahmed Mansour

Thursday, May 18, 2023 06:00 PM

Lamia Kamel, the former Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said that her work in the Ministry of Tourism as an assistant to the Minister of Tourism for Promotion in 2021 was one of the most important stations in her career, adding: I benefited from my experience working on the tourism promotion plan for Egypt, and during that period we carried out a number of important and distinguished activities. That dazzled the world, such as the procession of mummies and others.

Regarding the cultural relationship between the United States of America and Egypt, she stressed that it is natural to see cultural integration between Egypt and America, adding: As an Egyptian and I received an American education, and I was exposed to American culture for long periods, I can see the respect that the United States has for Egypt and its ancient history, in addition to the progressive image. Contemporary to modern Egypt, which we are working to present to the world as a modern, developed, young destination that welcomes everyone from all over the world.

This came during a radio interview on the most famous American radio, Radio iHeart, via the famous American radio program, The Voice of New York – iHeart, where Lamia Kamel, founder of the Voice of Egypt summit and Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for previous promotion, was hosted. The meeting dealt with the Egyptian identity and American tourism in Egypt and the record growth that Egypt has witnessed it recently as a tourist destination, the rise in flight reservations, especially from America, the importance of tourism and the modern image of Egypt, which is covered by the tourism promotion plan for Egypt to transfer it to the world.

Lamia Kamel added: After 17 years in the field of public relations, the year 2016 was a fundamental shift for me and the cornerstone was the launch of the Voice of Egypt summit conference, to serve as the first international conference for national identity in Egypt, and we launched 7 copies of the summit over the course of 7 years during which we were honored In the presence and participation of a group of ministers, senior government officials, and foreign guests, who presented Egypt not only as a historical and civilized destination, but as a cultural and civilized site, and this year 2023, the Voice of Egypt Summit is preparing to return once again to reality in one of the largest events to shed light on tourism development in Egypt.

Regarding the challenges of working for women in the Middle East, Lamia Kamel indicated that there are, of course, challenges associated with an ancient culture where women are expected to do certain things and men are expected to do other things, but there is a great movement and direction in Egypt to involve and support more women as the political leadership works on Full encouragement and support for women to obtain their full rights in all fields. Therefore, we now see a lot of women ministers and representation of women in parliament and also in creative fields, such as media, cinema, and also in the business world. Also, many women hold positions in the world of banking, companies and financial markets.

She expressed her happiness with this dialogue and hosting one of the most famous radio programs in America, and her meeting with singer Amon Starr through this program, which comes within the framework of the upcoming cooperation between Amon and Flair magazine to hold a huge art event on the land of Egypt next June.

For her part, the actress, Amon Starr, revealed during the radio interview the reason for her love and strong attachment to Egypt and the ancient Egyptian civilization, saying: “I feel that ancient Egypt represents the roots of humanity, as America is a modern country. Anything that connects people to their roots and the origin of civilizations is a great obsession for me.”

Amon Starr is an American singer, artist, and influencer who uses her voice and fashion to express her admiration for the ancient Egyptian civilization through her songs and various videos. .