Jerusalem Day: The parade of flags continues Watch the live broadcast

The festive flag parade started today (Thursday). The parade, also known as the flag dance, is a parade that takes place every year on Jerusalem Day, to celebrate the unification of the city. The parade celebrates Jewish and Israeli sovereignty in the holy places for Jews in the city, following the victory in the battle for Jerusalem in the Six Day War.

The director general of the Securityists on the threats at the parade of flags: “You must not bow to them”

A number of politicians have come to the parade so far. Among others, the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gabir and the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Yuli Edelstein arrived at the place. The two were seen dancing and celebrating with the people there, when Yodelstein was even carried on the shoulders. In addition, the Minister of Energy Israel Katz led the singing at the place.

Itamar Ben Gabir at the flag march (photo: no credit)

The parade takes place under fears of conflicts and unusual events between the marchers and the environment. In order to maintain order, 3,200 police officers and MGB soldiers were stationed throughout the city, to which were also added volunteers and special units that were deployed throughout the city as of yesterday. In addition, the IDF prepared for a wide deployment of Iron Dome systems in the southern arena, in case Palestinian terrorist organizations try to fire rockets As an identification also from Lebanon.

Parade of Flags in Jerusalem (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)
Parade of Flags in Jerusalem (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Parade of Flags in Jerusalem (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)
Flag Parade in Jerusalem (Photo: Police Spokesperson)Flag Parade in Jerusalem (Photo: Police Spokesperson)

During the last hours, false messages were distributed to the participants of the parade. “There is a suspicious figure carrying a bag, who managed to blend in among the participants in the parade, whoever notices her will inform the security forces,” one of them said. Another fake message reads: “Warning to participants in the flag parade, security personnel found suspicious objects scattered along Paratrooper Street.