Ynet journalist defends the ultra-Orthodox: “They live with extraordinary modesty”

Ynet journalist defends the ultra-Orthodox: “They live with extraordinary modesty”
Ynet journalist defends the ultra-Orthodox: “They live with extraordinary modesty”

In the background of the growing incitement against the ultra-Orthodox sector, which culminated in a particularly virulent demonstration held last night (Wednesday) by leftists in the city of Bnei Brak in which they protested against the coalition funds promised to the ultra-Orthodox, Ynet’s political reporter Moran Azoulai, expresses surprising support for the ultra-Orthodox and comes out against the incitement.

“The ultra-Orthodox do not loot or abuse,” she writes. “Most of them live in extraordinary modesty by choice and are happy in their part in a way that can only be envied.” She points out that “pleasure trips abroad are not of interest to them, neither are luxury restaurants and shopping trips.”

According to Azulai, “You can debate and criticize the issue of the productive company and equality in the burden. But the way they are attributed here – no and no.” Many attacked the journalist for her support of the ultra-orthodox public, but others congratulated her for the surprising step.

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Channel 13 journalist Aviad Glickman, who is known for his extreme views against the ultra-Orthodox, responded to her words: “Why do you think secularists should be jealous that the ultra-Orthodox are happy in their part? How do you know that they are happy in their part that you should be jealous of them? A really, really strange statement.”

Glickman added: “Taking the public coffers to take to yeshiva is definitely tasing and hogwash, even if it’s not for luxury restaurants and shopping, but for yeshiva budgets.”

The chairman of religious Zionism, Knesset member Bezalel Smotrich responded to her words: “Thank you for that Moran. A little sanity in a sea of ​​toxic and inciting media.” His party member Ohad Tal wrote: “Thank you Moran. A little bit of sanity.” Journalist ‘Bechadari Haredim’ Yanki Farber responded to Azulai: “Our sister, you are a thousand and one thousand, bless you from above.”

On the other hand, Channel 13 foreign journalist Yosef Israel expressed some reservations about the demonstration in Bnei Brak, but said that reality forces the process that is happening before our eyes. “Leave for a moment the ugly phenomena in the demonstration in Bnei Brak. In the macro, there is something uncomfortable in a protest that looks like this, that looks like a hanger on which different clothes are put, once it’s the legal revolution, then the ultra-Orthodox, and in between the property tax fund. But that’s exactly the story. It’s a demon out of a bottle and an island It can be returned.”

According to him, “This demon is the public that is fed up with the reality that has been imposed on it. From the political demagoguery, from the Likud dealings, from the ultra-orthodox dealings, from the settler dealings. In the end somehow this public, the producer, the recruiter, the payer, wants to get a return, he knows that because of the Israeli political constellation it probably won’t happen through The legislature. Only through the street.”