Disturbing: woke up and discovered a naked man in her room

The Central District Attorney’s Office submitted to the Ramla Magistrate’s Court an indictment against Shahdi Azberga (38) from Lod, for breaking into an apartment in the city and committing an indecent act on a female tenant who was sleeping in one of the rooms.

The indictment submitted by lawyer Dodi Inbar indicates that at the beginning of the month Azberga broke into the apartment in Lod where the complainant, her sister and nephews lived early in the morning. Azberga opened the window next to the entrance door to the apartment, entered the complainant’s room, took off his clothes until he was naked and caressed her back and legs while she was sleeping.

As a result of his actions, the complainant woke up in a panic and called her niece, who was also sleeping, to come to her room because there was a naked man touching her. Azberga tried to silence the two, but seeing that the other residents of the house had also woken up, he gathered his clothes and entered the bathroom of the apartment. At this point the complainant and her family members called the police, left the apartment and locked it from the outside so that Ezberga remained inside until he was arrested.

At the same time as the indictment accusing Lazberga of committing crimes of breaking into a residence and an indecent act, lawyer Inbar submitted a request to extend his detention, in which he claimed, among other things, that: Moreover, the obscene acts were committed by AA while the respondent took advantage of the fact that she was sleeping, and after he took off his clothes inside AA’s room and remained completely naked – without a doubt, a terrifying and dangerous situation at the same time.”


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