Salih Hanbalu Al-Shehhi.. Lover of sea stories and secrets

Salih Hanbalu Al-Shehhi.. Lover of sea stories and secrets
Salih Hanbalu Al-Shehhi.. Lover of sea stories and secrets

The narrator is a corner that highlights the narrators who inherited the skill of narration and the transfer of contents from memory to reality, through councils, meetings and events. Places, tribes, poetry, stories, and heroic attitudes. The narrator is the living memory that illuminates those who are confused about an issue or information. He is the teacher in the field of narrating information that has been passed on from generation to generation. Many occasions for the same goal, but today and from here we turn to the narrators to get to know a brief about their lives; Let us document a brief biography of each of them in honor of them and their humanitarian role.

The UAE is a country with an extended heritage because of its people’s keenness not to abandon it, and this is what the narrator, Noukhaza Saleh Ahmed Hanbaluh Al Shehhi, believes in, founder of the Maritime Museum in the city of Al Rams in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, and he is one of the men who grew up in the sea and lived in its worlds and is still doing so today. By inviting grandchildren and neighbors to sessions to exchange conversations about customs, traditions and maritime information. He was born in the year 1954 AD and lived in the old Rams, which was built of pebbles and mud, and most of the people of the sea at that time and those who worked in agriculture lived in that area until the seventies of the last century.

The nukhida Saleh Ahmed Hanbaluh al-Shehhi knew the sea at the age of seven years, as his father used to take him with him when he was a young age because the father was also a nukhdha and owned (wood) ships, which are (shawahif) designated for fishing on the coasts, and all around his father are his brothers, cousins ​​and acquaintances who They join hands for livelihood, working in the same field.

Saleh Al-Shehhi loved the sea because everything around him pushed him to do so. Even his mother and grandmother used to work at home with fishing tools, such as weaving a fishing net (Al-Likh), and he picked up in his memory what was going on around him in the old house. In the year 1962, he was enrolled in formal education until 1968, so he left school and was not He knows no other place except the sea and the school, as televisions and modern developments have not yet entered.

And Saleh Al-Shehhi learned that whoever learns a matter of the sea must adhere to it in order to professionalize it and also teach it to others, and the reason for leaving the study is that his father urged him to take command on his behalf, and Saleh was 14 years old at the time, as he handed over supervision of a group of fishing vessels that You work with oars and he said to him: (Today you are a man, so be a man with those who are older than you) and you know that any work that one will not succeed in if he does not practice it. Whenever something was difficult for him, he turned to his uncle or his older brother.

And in the year 1968, motors arrived for his work to make it easier for them to fish, so he asked his father to allow him to buy them because he wanted to enter more distant places for the sake of fishing, and he is proud that he raised generations on sea life, fishing, and methods of preserving the sea and its tools. the sea.

Saleh Al-Shehhi founded the Maritime Museum and still goes to the sea and conveys to people the true stories about the sea and the secrets of success that lead to livelihood, giving and loving people.