Suspect with a bag: panic among the participants of the flag dance in Jerusalem

Panic in the parade of flags: Today (Thursday), more than 3,200 police officers, security forces and volunteers are securing the traditional “Dance of the Flags” event to maintain public order. In the meantime, in the last few hours, a false warning message was distributed to the public, which is supposed to be a message distributed by the security forces that there is a suspicion to a suspicious object in the parade. The police clarified that this is a false message that has no basis in reality and should not be given any importance, and they began an investigation to locate the person who spread the false message to the public.

One of the fake messages that was published stated that “Warning to the participants in the flag parade, the security personnel found suspects scattered along Paratrooper Street.” Another message that the police published that it was a fake read that “A warning call. There is a suspicious figure carrying a bag who managed to blend in among the participants in the parade, whoever notices her will notify the security forces. Please be careful.”

Photo: Police spokeswoman

Photo: Police spokeswoman

In an attempt to prevent the arrival of marchers: Left activists blocked the entrance to Jerusalem

Earlier today, dozens of extreme left-wing activists on behalf of the “Fruit of Jerusalem” organization tried today to block the tunnel road in an attempt to prevent the arrival of the marchers in the flag dance which they call the “March of Hatred, Violence and Racism”. After a short time, the demonstrators were evacuated by police forces.

Photo: Frey Gerouslam

“When fascism passes – we are resisting right now dozens of us on the tunnel road towards Jerusalem are trying to block with our bodies the masses of participants who are supposed to come to the march of hate, violence and racism on Jerusalem Day,” the organization’s Twitter page reads.