Gafni to Netanyahu: prevent elected officials from going up to the Temple Mount, this…

Chairman of the Torah flag, MK Moshe Gafni today (Thursday) addressed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in an official letter and asked him to prevent elected officials from different factions in the Knesset from going to the Temple Mount. “You know how to prevent unnecessary tensions, and I ask you again today on behalf of many of your partners – please do not allow the situation to change regarding the ascent to the Temple Mount, the place of our temple,” Gafni wrote.

Jews go up to the Temple Mount this morning | Photo: In our hands for the sake of the Temple Mount

Minister Yitzhak Waserlauf on the Temple Mount

“Recently, members of the Knesset and ministers are going up to the Temple Mount, just today a large number of elected officials from different factions in the Knesset went there and the decision is in your hands,” Gafni wrote to Netanyahu. “I am appealing and asking you to prevent the ascent to the Temple Mount, both in the political issue of the attitude of the countries of the world to allow it, and in the security issue and the incitement that exists as a result mainly in the Muslim world and not only in it.”

He further emphasized: “The main thing is that there is no reason for this, it does not show sovereignty, on the contrary it constitutes sacrilege in the place most connected to the Jewish people and most sacred to them.”


MK Yitzhak Kreuzer of Otzma Yehudit on the Temple Mount

Former MK Moalem and H

Likud MKs Kellner, Iloz and Levi on the Temple Mount

Against the background of Jerusalem Day and the flag march, hundreds of Jews went up to the Temple Mount starting in the morning – including MKs and ministers from religious Zionism, Otzma Yehudit and the Likud. At 16:00 the traditional flag dance parade for Jerusalem Day will officially begin. The marchers will gather at two locations on Bezalel Street and King George Street, and later they will make their way to the Western Wall through the Nablus Gate and the Jaffa Gate. The parade will end with a large rally at the Western Wall Square.

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