He talked about the theft of his bags at Beirut airport while he was coming from Canada… and this is what turned out

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division heard a. a. c. (Born in 1972, Palestinian nationality), after one of the websites published a video report entitled “A Dangerous Warning: A Lebanese tells a shocking story that happened to him at Rafic Hariri Airport!”, in which a person appeared, through an interview within the report, talking about He opened his bags and stole his belongings and quantities of medicine from inside them at Rafic Hariri International Airport, while he was coming from Canada, and then the person concerned posted the video on his page on the “Facebook” application, and it later spread on social media.

As a result of the follow-up, and after an investigation report was opened by the administrative and judicial police in the Embassies Security Unit, based on the reference of the competent judiciary, it became clear that the person concerned was named A. a. G., and his statement was heard, and the surveillance cameras installed at the airport were reviewed, in his presence, and it became clear that no one opened his bags at the airport.

And pursuant to the court’s indication, he was obliged to publish another video on his personal page, to clarify the truth, and he was left in exchange for a residence document.

In the context, the Directorate General called on the media outlet that published the report to be careful before publishing any news, especially on sensitive topics that negatively affect the economic and security situation, especially since the country is entering a promising tourism season, intimidating citizens not to take into account everything that is published before verification. confirmed its authenticity, and I asked whoever received the video to send this clarification to the sender, for the sake of truth.