Producers: This is what the Emirati director needs

Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)
What does the Emirati director need to be his first choice for local drama? A question answered by a group of drama makers, including producers and representatives of Al-Ittihad, stressing the need for a strong presence of the Emirati director in the dramas that are produced on local screens, noting that it will not be This is only with support, confidence, and the discovery of new talents in this sector to enrich the dramatic scene.
Actor and producer Habib Ghuloom considered that the use of Arab artistic expertise in the field of directing from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon is important to enrich the creative movement in the Emirates, and also contribute to gaining experiences and benefiting from other cultures. He stressed that the Emirati director is the most capable of filming local works, especially the traditional ones, because the non-Emirati director will not be able to familiarize himself with the local heritage vocabulary as the Emirati director.

shy presence
Ghuloom explained that the shy presence of the Emirati director is due to several reasons, including the lack of opportunities and poor wages, noting that there are only a few dramatic directors on television, including Omar Ibrahim, Nahla Al-Fahd, and Rakan, who places more emphasis on cinema. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate new talents in this field, and to involve them practically in the dramas that are being filmed, in order to gain the necessary experiences.
promising items
For his part, producer Sultan Al Neyadi spoke of his interest in supporting new talents in various artistic fields, just as he cooperated with Rakan to direct the series “Al Bishara”, and Yasser Al Neyadi at “PO Box 1003”, who directed action scenes in London, pointing out that the Emirati director He is the best able to familiarize himself with the nature of Emirati life, the dialect, customs and traditions that qualify him to be a major choice for Emirati business, explaining that this is achieved through the cooperation of producers, the support of local channels and the keenness to give the opportunity to the Emirati director.

Al Neyadi said that providing artistic projects that bring together local drama makers in joint works, such as implementing short series, represents an important opportunity for dramatic and film directors to enter this field strongly, outside the pressures of the Ramadan drama season, in order to gain more experience and bear the conditions of dramatic output with the cooperation of various parties.
Experienced director
Acceptance of the nature of television drama directing is one of the most important reasons through which the director achieves the required success for his work, according to what was confirmed by the actor Mari Al-Halian. He said: We have many distinguished directors in long or short films, who have succeeded in drawing attention and winning awards from local, Arab and international festivals. The problem comes in their inability to go through a television directing experience, as a result of the large number of its scenes, the daily pressures of filming, and the time factor as well, as the director is tied to a specific time for handing over the work.

All these elements need an experienced director in this field, so it is necessary to search for directors who have the ability to enter into television directing, provide them with support and give them confidence in adapting their creativity on the silver screen, as did director Omar Ibrahim and transferring his cinematic experience to television dramas. And he achieved success in a number of series, the latest of which was “Ahl al-Dar.”
Prolific production
Producer and actor Ahmed Al Jasmi explained that the continuity in the abundant production of local drama contributes to the strong and continuous presence of the sector’s technicians, including a production manager, production assistant, site manager, assistant director and director.

The increasing rate of production in drama works to show different categories of technicians, and as producers, we need creative writers and directors in order to carry out strong works that achieve distinction in the different drama seasons and not only in the Ramadan race, stressing the need to pay attention to the presence of the local director in Emirati drama, especially since There are models that have achieved remarkable success.