Newspaper secrets for Friday, May 19, 2023

Newspaper secrets for Friday, May 19, 2023
Newspaper secrets for Friday, May 19, 2023

Construction: subtleties and scenes


Diplomats in the capitals of the region are following the details of the media interaction with the Arab summit, especially what will emerge from the interaction of the Syrian-Saudi and Syrian-Egyptian bilateral relations, and whether there is a Syrian-Qatari reconciliation, and some diplomats contact correspondents in Jeddah to request fresh information.


A political source asked how the Free Patriotic Movement could translate into an equation of a reformist president who preserves the sources of Lebanon’s strength represented by the resistance as an alternative to Franjieh’s candidacy, if the names circulated for the nomination all stem from the March 14 environment and its goal is to search for common ground with the Lebanese forces, whose hostility to the resistance is its compass?

Major General: Secrets

to whisper

The ambiguity of the position of the embassy of a major country regarding the ongoing international prosecution of a senior monetary employee, after the European judiciary decided its position on this issue.


A Christian bloc, which has a strong presence in the opposition, is increasingly betting on the possibility of a close associate’s access to a high financial position in the country.


It was understood that a well-known current still clings to the idea of ​​a “judicial guard” for the central government, and in its mind is a former minister from the inner circle of the past era, for this guard.

The call of the homeland: subtleties

It turned out that Iraq also joined the Arab countries that demand Lebanon to close the Captagon factories, even though security data indicate that most of these factories are located in the common border area between Lebanon and Syria.

It is said that an advisor to a minister runs fake accounts on social media targeting ministry employees and media personalities.

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