Emirati Vice-President of the UAE-Angolan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The UAE-Angolan Chamber of Commerce and Industry chose the Emirati entrepreneur Al-Wazna Falah for the position of Vice-President of the Chamber for a period of three years, in line with the directions supporting the establishment of solid foundations that enhance the strength of bilateral economic relations between the two friendly countries, to achieve sustainable economic development in various fields, and achieve economic goals in accordance with best practices. .

The Chamber plays a vital role in establishing favorable economic policies that raise the level of growth and commercial development, thus contributing to enabling economic companies in the two countries to develop trade and investment relations and opportunities for cooperation in these fields.

Al-Wazna Falah affirmed that she is grateful for this great confidence in her presence in this position, which enables her to consolidate efforts that devote economic development, facilitate channels of communication and trade exchange, and provide all necessary support to ensure the prosperity of economic trade relations, in line with the common visions between the two countries.

She added that the Chamber represents an integrated platform for companies, businessmen and investors in both countries, and promotes the exploration of economic options, providing support and information, facilitating investment opportunities, and providing a solid ground that will advance economic and trade aspirations.

Al-Wazna Falah affirmed her keenness to play her role in supporting efforts aimed at strengthening investment opportunities and opening more prospects for cooperation for businessmen in the two countries, as an extension of the participatory visions that support economic development during the past five years that witnessed the establishment of the Chamber.

She added: We are well aware of the importance of the role played by the Chamber in advancing the efforts that stimulate trade cooperation, economic prosperity, and sustainable development, within the framework of the common ties between the two countries, which are based on growing economic values, which provided businessmen with the best investment opportunities according to solid grounds that had an effective impact on Extending economic ties, attracting investments and opening broader horizons for investors and businessmen.