Judge Aoun: “What a shame!”

Judge Aoun: “What a shame!”
Judge Aoun: “What a shame!”

The Public Prosecutor of Appeal in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, tweeted, on her account via “Twitter”, writing: “Good evening, yesterday and in one of the “talk show” programs, they began to mock and laugh because Ghada Aoun made a search and investigation report for Salama. For your information, I claimed against him 3 times, O shame of shame, “Only the foreign judiciary will leave you,” where there is no system, protections, or immunities.

And she continued, “As for a Lebanese judge to dare and confront the system, this is unforgivable. “Then this judge will be a cause for ridicule and sarcasm by some, and for expulsion by others, and your exit is only the foreign judiciary, and hopefully it will come from China. It does not matter. The important thing is that we get rid of this great evil that suffocated this country and its people and caused its collapse.”

Aoun concluded, “This evil is not limited to a person, but to a complete complex system rooted in all sectors of this country. May the prosecution of Salama by the foreign judiciary be the beginning of the end, O Lord.”

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