Pensions: 14,335 new subscribers during April 2023

Pensions: 14,335 new subscribers during April 2023
Pensions: 14,335 new subscribers during April 2023

Abu Dhabi: Abdul Rahman Saeed

The General Pension and Social Security Authority revealed that the number of subscribers increased by 14 thousand and 335 new subscribers, compared to the number of subscribers during the month of April of last year, when the number of subscribers was 87 thousand and 665 subscribers, and it increased during the same month of the current year 2023 to become 102 thousand subscribers.

Increase retirees

The authority stated that there was an increase in the number of retirees during April 2023, by 1,157 retirees, as the number of retirees reached 18,227 in April of last year, and it increased during the same period of the current year to reach 19,384 retirees. The number of beneficiaries increased by 123 new beneficiaries, reaching 8,451 beneficiaries, compared to 8,328 beneficiaries for the same period last year.

She explained that any employer in the public or private sectors must register its employees who are subject to the provisions of the Pensions Law with the Authority within a month at most from the date of their joining the service, and the employer must provide the Authority with a statement of the names of workers whose service ended within a month at most from The date of the end of their services, and the subscriptions are considered due for payment from the beginning of the month following the month for which they are due, and it may be extended until the fifteenth day of this month. Delay. The employer in the private sector must submit to the Authority, in January of each year, data on the salaries of his workers for that month and their monthly subscriptions, and he must inform the Authority every month of any changes in the number of his employees.

The Authority affirmed that it is the entity concerned with extending the umbrella of insurance protection for the insured working in all emirates of the country in the federal government sector, as well as in the local government sector with the exception of those working in the localities of the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, as well as all workers in the private sector with the exception of those working in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and that the Authority It is responsible for disbursing insurance benefits to those covered at the end of their service, whatever the type of these benefits (pension, end-of-service reward, and compensation). The disbursement of these benefits corresponds to deducting a monthly subscription from the employee and the employer at the rate of 20%, of which the citizen in both sectors, government and private, bears 5 The employer in the government sector bears 15%, and the employer in the private sector bears 15%, of which the government bears 2.5% in support of citizens working in the private sector.

Inspection and follow-up

And she indicated that the mission of the inspection department in the authority focuses on increasing the awareness of the employers of the provisions of the law, as well as ensuring the integrity of all procedures and practices related to the registration process and the payment of contributions correctly, and therefore the inspection staff has the authority to view the files, records and documents that prove the registration of employees to whom it applies. Conditions for inclusion in the provisions of the law, access to payroll and monthly subscription payment records.