Friday preachers lauded the Arab reunion at the Arab Summit and the return of Syria to the Arab embrace, hoping that it will reflect positively on Lebanon | Religion and life

Friday preachers lauded the Arab reunion at the Arab Summit and the return of Syria to the Arab embrace, hoping that it will reflect positively on Lebanon | Religion and life
Friday preachers lauded the Arab reunion at the Arab Summit and the return of Syria to the Arab embrace, hoping that it will reflect positively on Lebanon | Religion and life

Yesterday, the activities of the Arab Summit in Jeddah dominated Friday sermons, praising the Arab reunification and the return of Syria to the Arab embrace, hoping that the return of Arab solidarity will have positive repercussions on Lebanon.


{In this context, the deputy head of the Supreme Shiite Islamic Council, the scholar, Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib, said: “The rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia and its repercussions on the Arab and Islamic world, which is evident today in the convening of the Arab summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its title is “Arab reunion,” has led to For Syria’s return to its participation in the Arab Summit, in the hope that the siege on its people will be lifted and the displaced will return to participate in its reconstruction, the liberation of the rest of its land from the occupiers, and the recovery of its stolen oil from the American occupier and its agents. The forefront of concern that shapes the honor of the Arabs and charts their future, as will be reflected in its political and economic results on Lebanon in changing the political course in the same direction, correcting the conflict compass towards the enemy of all Lebanese sects, which is the Israeli enemy, and easing the economic and living burdens that it pays as a price for this goal and the dignity of its people and to build a state of citizenship that preserves diversity And it makes it a positive tool instead of using it as a tool of sabotage in service of the Western project and the Israeli enemy.”


{The Mufti of the Baalbek-Hermel Governorate, Sheikh Bakr, considered that «34 years have passed since the assassination of the martyred Mufti Hassan Khaled, and Dar al-Fatwa is still the pillar of national partnership and an entity guarantee for Lebanon in its diversity, plurality and faith, and the martyr who drew with his enlightened mind the road map and the rules of the clean game did not die, and he will not die ». .

He said: «Our homeland is the homeland of the message, the message of living together, or coexistence. And the message is not without a messenger, and the ship is its captain, and the spirit of the leader is reflected in reality, so where is the ruler, where is the messenger, and where are the likes of Mufti Hassan Khaled who give the country their time and their lives and do not sell it and dance on its remains ».

And he considered that “the convening of the Arab summit is better than not, and the relief that the region is witnessing from the convergence of points of view and settlements that have reduced tension between the peoples of the East, is a glimmer of goodness and an outlet of hope, may God write in it a lot and great good for our country, our children, and our nation.”


{The excellent Jaafari Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan, saw that «what is required from this country is a national and moral partnership and a centralized, inclusive state away from the dismembering decentralizations».

Regarding the Arab summit held, Qabalan said: “We are facing an important moment of correction, but it has its aftermath, and the return of Syria to the Arab League is a political and Arab necessity, and what is required today is the development of the mechanism of Arab interests, but this requires political and economic independence, so any Arab step outside American influence is Definitely in favor of the Arabs, and from Lebanon’s angle as well, saving Lebanon’s political and economic situation is an Arab interest, and leaving Lebanon to American policies is not in the interest of the Arabs. Rather, the historical constant says that if Lebanon loses, the Arabs lose, and what is required is that Lebanon win and the Arabs win, and let us leave the conditions of international criticism, and the game of proneness To Washington, because Lebanon does not bow down to anyone, even if some in Lebanon bow down. What is certain is that the interest of the Arabs is in the interest of Lebanon, especially after the Saudi-Iranian and Saudi-Syrian rapprochement and settlements.

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{And Sheikh Ahmed Al-Baba said: «We are in a time when the intentions of the enemies of religion were exposed and nations unjustly collapsed and our aggression against the nation of Islam, and this great repercussion against Muslims is not because of the power of the enemies, but rather because of the weakness of Muslims and their retreat in their religion and their positions and their negligence in prohibitions and committing evils, and we must know with certainty that God Almighty does not elevate the nation’s affairs and restore its dignity to it except by returning to its Lord and its commitment to the true law and preserving the sublime values ​​and virtuous morals that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, brought. To God, submit to the law and raise the banner of religion, for pride comes with the support of the believers and with the empowerment of God. Trade with God is a profitable business and its results are impressive, God willing.

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{And the scholar, Mr. Ali Fadlallah, warned: “Against the continuing state of indifference that is taking place, whether at the judicial or political level in Lebanon, and regarding what is happening at the level of the central bank or banks,” calling for “opening the door wide to deal with the matter, revealing the perpetrators and taking measures against them to prevent Interfering with the sovereignty of the country.

And he added: “We look forward to the Arab summit that is being held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a stage in which this world is witnessing an Arab-Arab and Arab-Islamic rapprochement, which was evident in the return of Syria to the Arab League. We hope that this will constitute the beginning of a new stage of solidarity at the Arab level, including He restores to this world his unity and strength in facing challenges, which would naturally grow and increase if he decided to start practically strengthening this cooperation from all those who want this world to remain in a state of tension, division and weightlessness.

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