Today is the deadline for registration applications for the Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed competition for the most beautiful recitation

The Dubai International Holy Quran Award announced that today is the deadline for receiving applications for registration to participate in the Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum competition for the most beautiful recitation in its sixteenth session 1444-2023.

The award has started receiving applications since the first of May, according to the conditions for participating in the competition for males, through its five categories, namely: the category of Qur’an buds, who are under the age of thirteen, and the category of Qur’an boys, who are between the ages of Between thirteen and twenty-five, the category of youth of the Qur’an, who are over the age of twenty-five, and the category of imams of mosques, which is that the contestant be one of the imams of mosques, preachers, preachers, or performers of rituals in the UAE, and the category of calling for prayer and residence for citizens and residents in the country.

Among the conditions for participation in the competition for non-citizens is that they have a valid residence permit, and the participation of visitor visa holders in the competition will not be accepted, and the contestant must also be proficient in the provisions of intonation and the exit of letters. The award also announced the methods for registration, by filling out the nomination form prepared by the Competitions Unit, or through the award website on the Internet, or by inquiring by phone No. 042610666.