Gold prices today, Saturday 20-5

Gold prices rebounded today, Saturday 5-20-2023, and “Sada Al-Balad” provides a detailed bulletin on gold prices, to complete the buying and selling operations, in Egypt.

Sada El Balad reviews gold prices today in Egypt, which citizens are looking for, in order to reach the best price for gold artifacts, and to compare with market prices, especially those who are about to get married and engaged.

Average gold prices today in goldsmiths’ shops in Egypt, without workmanship

24 karat gold

24 karat Selling 2,594 Buying 2,629 pounds

22 karat gold

22 karat for sale 2,378 buy 2,410 pounds

21 karat gold price

21 karat for sale 2,270 buy 2,300 pounds

18 karat gold

18 karat 1,946 buy 1,971 pounds

14 karat gold

14 karat for sale 1,513 buy 1,533 pounds

12 karat gold

12 carat, sold for 1,274, bought for 1,286 pounds

Ounce sell sell 1,513 buy 1,533 pounds
gold pound sale 18,160 buy 18,400 pounds
Kilo sale sale 2,594,286 Buy 2,628,571 pounds

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia today, Saturday, May 20, 2023

Unit SR American dollar
24 karat gold price 238.31 riyals $63.55
22 karat gold price 218.46 riyals $58.25
21 karat gold price 208.53 riyals $55.61
18 karat gold price 178.74 riyals $47.66
14 karat gold price 139.02 riyals $37.07
12 karat gold price 119.16 riyals $31.77
Gold ounce prices 7,412 riyals $1,976
Gold pound prices 1,668 riyals $444.86
Price per kilo of gold 238,313 riyals $63,550
The latest update of gold prices today in Saudi Arabia

Gold prices in the UAE today, Saturday, May 20, 2023

Unit The price of gold in UAE dirhams
24 karat 243.25
22 caliber 223.00
21 caliber 213.00
18 karat 182.50
14 karat 142.00
12 karat 121.50
ounce 7,571
gold pound 1,704
kilo 243,429
Gold prices may vary from one goldsmith to another

Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Assistant Minister of Supply and Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority, said that it was decided to exempt gold bullion and gold pounds imported with Egyptians abroad from tax fees – value added – in addition to customs exemption for a period of 6 months .. while a value-added tax fee is imposed between 6 and 11 EGP 1 per gram on gold jewelry, in addition to customs exemption.

Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Assistant Minister of Supply and Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority, expected a decrease in gold prices in the coming period, after the Cabinet’s decision to allow Egyptians abroad to enter customs with their gold holdings without paying customs duties.

He explained that gold prices witnessed shortages due to the increase in demand, especially for bullion and pounds, and not artifacts, pointing out that the recent cabinet decision will allow an increase in supply in the markets, which will greatly reduce prices.

Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Assistant Minister of Supply and Head of the Internal Trade Development Agency, confirmed that the state has put the final touches to the city of gold, which will be built on an area of ​​100 acres.

Saed, the first Minister of Supply, explained that it will be established in several stages in the new administrative capital, pointing out that the old goldsmiths have not been transferred, and those who want to participate in the city can apply.

He pointed out that the Cabinet’s decision to exempt gold imports that come with those coming from abroad from customs tax and other fees, except for value-added tax, for a period of 6 months.

Ashmawy stressed that the decision contributes to increasing the volume of supply, which works to stabilize the prices of the precious metal in the Egyptian market.

Create a city of gold

Ashmawy added that the establishment of the gold city in the administrative capital is part of the directives and support of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to advance the gold and jewelry industry.

He pointed out that the Gold City is a specialized industrial city for precious metal products, due to the importance that this industry represents to the national economy and the great opportunities it possesses for approval and development, explaining that the specialized industrial zones provide a set of logistical facilities, which may not be available to producers in traditional workshop areas. .