President of Taiwan ruled out a military solution to the issue of the island

Al-Ahed News _ Follow-up

President of the Taiwan Administration Tsai Ing-wen stressed, at a press conference on Saturday, the necessity of resolving the island issue in a peaceful way, and stressed that war is not the desired option.

“The consensus that now exists in the world is quite clear – the Taiwan issue must be resolved peacefully,” she said. War is not an option. Neither side can change the status quo without peaceful means.”

The island’s president indicated that Taiwan “will not make any provocations and will not choose confrontation, but at the same time it will not make concessions under pressure.”

“We will defend the status quo while avoiding conflicts, resolve cross-strait differences through equal dialogue, and promote sound and orderly interaction,” she added.

And the President of Taiwan noted that the self-sufficiency of the island in the field of defense “is no longer a dream.” Last year, the local combat training aircraft, “Yongying”, made its first test flights, and in the second half of this year, the first submarine of Taiwan’s production will be launched.

The president of the island indicated that her governments are negotiating with the American side to supply weapons at an amount of 500 million dollars.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported, citing sources, that US President Joe Biden’s administration plans to supply $500 million worth of weapons to Taiwan using the same emergency powers that were applied to Ukraine.