Emirates News Agency – Abu Dhabi International Book Fair… An exceptional session that celebrates sustainability

ABU DHABI, 20th May / WAM / The activities of the 32nd session of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair will kick off tomorrow, Monday, in the presence of a group of senior writers and thinkers, with the participation of 90 countries.

The exhibition, which is organized by the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language of the Department of Culture and Tourism, during the period from May 22 to 28 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, will feature more than 2,000 diverse activities.
In the following report, the Emirates News Agency, WAM, reviews the exhibition’s success during its past sessions in attracting poles of the publishing industry and the creative industries under one roof within a rich and diverse intellectual programme.
The succession of the successful sessions of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair contributed to the consolidation of its position among the poles of the publishing industry at the regional and global levels, and the elements of its attraction to content makers, creators, and lovers of reading through various traditional and digital publishing media grew.
Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has achieved significant growth since the first edition of the exhibition, which was held in 1981, with the participation of 50 publishers in addition to local libraries and publishing houses, while the last session attracted the participation of more than 1,000 publishers from more than 80 countries.
The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair was launched during its first session under the name “Islamic Book Fair” in 1981 in order to achieve the vision of the founder, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, “may God rest his soul in peace”, as he ordered “may God have mercy on him” at that time to purchase the remaining books and distribute them to the authorities. And public libraries and related institutions, and this initiative was the nucleus for the establishment of the “National Book House” in the country.
The launch of the exhibition confirms that education and culture are the main pillars for building a strong and developed country, in addition to developing international relations and building bridges of communication between different countries of the world, as the exhibition was an incentive to establish a meeting point and a market for publishing houses in the Arab world.
In its last edition, the fair’s program included more than 450 diverse activities that meet the audience’s aspirations, including panel discussions, seminars, and literary, cultural and intellectual evenings, in addition to a wide range of educational events, activities of the professional program for publishers, and children’s activities, presented by a group of academics and specialists.
In its current edition, the exhibition is witnessing the organization of a number of events aimed at highlighting methods of sustainability and international best practices in this field.
Among the activities, seminars and dialogue sessions that it will devote to talking about sustainability in its comprehensive concept and ways to activate it in various fields such as climate and food security, the exhibition will host a number of the most important international activists in this field.

Perhaps one of the most prominent is the international artist “Felix Semper”, who specializes in the use of paper materials and environmentally friendly materials in a remarkable way, and who is known for his rubber-paper sculptures that simulate the mind, and his constant passion in searching for new ways to integrate the materials of everyday life in his work.
This year, the exhibition offers endless opportunities for inspiration, knowledge and fun under the title “Endless Stories” that explore unique experiences and programs rich in details.
The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair welcomes the Republic of Turkey, the guest of honor, for its 32nd session, with programmes, events and seminars that discuss cultural exchange between Turkey and the Arab world and ways to enhance dialogue between them.
The program deals with the history of Turkish literature, Arabic and Turkish poetry, and literary translations between the two languages. It gives visitors the opportunity to participate in dialogues and seminars on several topics, including “Women Changing the Rules of the Game,” “Philosophy for Children,” and “Turkish Culinary Culture,” and listening to famous authors such as Bashir Ayvazoglu, And Muhammed Haqi Sutshin.
The private Turkish pavilion includes a number of prominent publishers and partners, including the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.
The exhibition also celebrates the achievements of the 14th-century Arab philosopher Ibn Khaldun, the founder of sociology, as the “pivotal figure” of this session, through historical, philosophical and literary discussions focusing on his work and legacy.
The list of speakers includes a group of critics, professors and historians, such as the Tunisian historian and archaeologist Dr. Ibrahim Shabouh, who was known for his interest in investigating the works of Ibn Khaldun, and the philosopher and thinker d. Ahmed Barqawi, and the British writer Anthony Satine.
The event also celebrates the Arab Literature Awards and Translation Grants, which allows the public to meet the winners of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award 2023 in the framework of dialogue sessions, in addition to the activities of signing their books and the accompanying seminar program throughout the week. In addition, the exhibition includes the announcement of the winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction and honoring the candidates. In its short list in conjunction with the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Abu Dhabi’s hosting of the award.
Visitors to the exhibition will be able to hear from a number of international thinkers, writers and artists, including Matt Ridley, author of “The Rational Optimist” and “How Innovation Works” and technology ethicist Dr. Carissa Velez, who discusses in her lecture how we preserve our privacy in the world of technology, and director Ali Tabrizi, who talks about his documentary “Conspiracy on the Seas”, which is ranked among the 10 most watched documentaries on Netflix in 2021.
The professional program will return to the exhibition again through more than 40 activities, including discussion sessions dealing with marketing, translation, partnerships, content development and publishing, with the participation of experts from various fields of publishing, social media platforms and marketing who discuss issues of sustainability in the publishing industry, artificial intelligence, electronic publishing and self-publishing.
This session is characterized by the large presence of young people in all events, including the cultural, professional and creative programmes.
The exhibition attaches special importance to children’s and youth programs, which occupy the largest area in the history of the event, while presenting an impressive list of activities and performances throughout the day, from reading sessions and workshops for children’s authors and illustrators to science theater shows and others.
On the other hand, the “International Conference on Arab Publishing and Creative Industries” will hold its second session on May 21 and 22 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center in conjunction with the “Abu Dhabi International Book Fair”, highlighting the latest trends in the publishing sector and the development of Arabic content and the cultural and creative industries through a series of presentations. Presentations, panel discussions, networking events, and workshops, with a focus on “adapting storytelling.”
The conference discusses Arabic science fiction literature, entertainment education and emerging technologies, and welcomes a group of speakers in the field of comics and artificial intelligence.
As the leading literary event in the Arab world, the exhibition provides a vital platform for global dialogue that includes various talks by prominent Arab and international speakers, including writers, publishers and content makers. creative arts, children and youth, specialized professional programs, and partner programmes.
Throughout the week, visitors can participate in cultural sessions such as panel discussions, seminars and poetry evenings that present famous personalities from the world of thought, literature and media. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet their favorite authors and get their signed books.