“Dubai Police” encourages scientific research through “minds we invest”

“Dubai Police” encourages scientific research through “minds we invest”
“Dubai Police” encourages scientific research through “minds we invest”

The Dubai Police General Command, represented by the Universities and Colleges Students Council and the Future Foresight Center, organized a “Minds We Invest” forum dedicated to introducing the scientific initiative “Investing Minds” aimed at encouraging university and college students’ projects and research, and involving them in addressing future security challenges.

The forum, which was organized at the Dubai Future Accelerators, with the participation of students from 9 universities nationwide, discussed a set of challenges to conduct scientific research in its fields, including “future crimes, economic crimes, anticipating the future of education, and artificial intelligence.”

Mohammed Al-Murr, Chairman of the University and College Students Council in Dubai Police, said that the council is a link that aims to enhance the role of students in various academic programs and disciplines in the field of scientific research by providing a special environment for their creativity and ideas and investing their capabilities, energies and capabilities to support and develop various police and security projects and initiatives.

He added, “One of the most important initiatives that the Dubai Police Universities and Colleges Student Council is working on is implementing the ‘Minds We Invest’ initiative, which was launched in cooperation between the Council and the Future Foresight Center, with the aim of investing in young minds to find innovative solutions to future police challenges by providing scientific research and reports.” in various disciplines.

He explained that the initiative aims to create a permanent research environment that helps in decision-making, strengthen research companies between universities and colleges, motivate students with abilities and capabilities to unleash their creativity, and provide innovative recommendations that contribute to the development of the police security system and support the directives and strategic goals of Dubai Police.

Adel Jamal from the Future Foresight Center gave an explanation about the mechanism of participation in research within the “With Minds We Invest” initiative by discussing the idea with the Future Foresight Center, then developing a research plan on the challenge, approving the plan, holding periodic and monthly meetings, submitting the research draft, evaluation, Finally, announcing the names of the scientific research winners and honoring them.

In addition, Sarah Al-Balushi and Hessa Al-Balushi, members of the Council of Universities and Colleges, provided an explanation about the requirements for participating in the preparation of the research through the necessity of adopting a sound scientific method, the suitability of the research topic with the student’s specialization, the use of Arabic or English writing language, the submission of practical research and reports that support the research topic, and registration. The search is within intellectual property rights, and the number of pages should not be less than 8 pages.

The forum’s activities included brainstorming sessions, which dealt with a range of axes, including: shaping the future in the field of education, the use of artificial intelligence technologies, crimes related to digital currencies, future crimes in light of recent technological developments, and the future of self-driving vehicle security.