Hajj Hassan: Positive developments in favor of Franjieh

Hajj Hassan: Positive developments in favor of Franjieh
Hajj Hassan: Positive developments in favor of Franjieh

The head of the Baalbek-Hermel Parliament bloc, Hussein Hajj Hassan, said, “There are positive developments in favor of the candidate we supported, who is Minister Suleiman Franjieh, and God willing, the positive developments in his favor will develop further.

With regard to the file of the displaced Syrians, Hajj Hassan stressed, during a political meeting in the town of al-Taybeh in Baalbek, three points: Today, it is a country that occupies parts of Syria, and it steals oil and wheat and supports terrorist groups, led by ISIS, while arming and training them.

He pointed out that “Lebanon bears today the burdens of the Syrian displacement,” and said: “We do not have a problem with the displaced as people, but we bear the burdens of this displacement economically and financially. The countries of the world did not give Lebanon any compensation for bearing these burdens. All of Europe has a million displaced Syrians, and they stopped Receiving the displaced, and in Lebanon, more than two million displaced people, and the burden of displacement is on Lebanon versus Europe. They are crying out, and we demand a dignified return. What we must focus on is that we have no problem with our Syrian brothers. What we only want is to address the repercussions of displacement away from incitement, and no one is allowed, whether Lebanese or not. Syria to deliberately incite incitement between the Lebanese and the Syrians.

Hajj Hassan pointed out, “There are a number of American legislators who want to put in place a law to prevent normalization with Syria, and to them I say that you are drafting a law for your country and not a law for the countries of the world.”

And he believed that “the election of the president is today a subject of inquiry and question among the people, and the question today is when will the president be elected?”, pointing out that “people are suffering from a harsh economic, social, financial and monetary crisis while they are waiting and contemplating solutions, as the caretaker government is working today as much as it can, and in In the end, everyone is a believer and knows that the beginning of serious solutions begins with the election of the president, especially since the presidential vacancy crises are the birth of crises. There is a disagreement over the government and the status of the government. There is also a disagreement over the convening of the parliament. We are with the meeting of the council and with the legislation, and there is a need for legislation in light of the current presidential vacancy. There are also many opinions, and we are with the presidential legislation that says that the parliament is its own master, and it has the right to legislate in light of the presidential vacuum.

He added, “The caretaker government has well-known limits of powers, and it must play its role within the limits of these powers. In conclusion, the beginning of actual, effective, and radical solutions begins with the election of the president, followed by the formation of the government, gaining confidence, and addressing the financial, monetary and economic situation, and addressing the situation of banks and the obvious wear and tear in most state institutions, so electing The president is the gateway to dealing with all these files, and this does not excuse that from here, until the president is elected, the caretaker government must carry out its duties, while the council is also called upon to carry out its duties.

Hajj Hassan said, “As for the election of the president, there is a clear division against a candidate whose candidacy we supported and whose chances are increasing.”

And he considered that “Syria is dismantling its isolation, and the Caesar Act has begun to disintegrate and disintegrate, and it began to be broken a while ago, and it is continuing, and the American imperial arrogance began to retreat, so Syria won, and if America had won, the situation would have been different, and if America had been able to remain in Iraq as before, the situation would have also been different.” We are not alone, we are in a world in which there are variables. America is not the master of the world, and Israel is no longer the master of the region.

Hajj Hassan concluded, “Targeting the leaders of the Islamic Jihad is an attempt to repair the division within the Netanyahu camp and his alliances, thinking that by assassinating the leaders, he can restore the eroded image of Israeli deterrence and save the coalition.”