An Arab diplomatic source confirms that the status of Lebanon will be a major item in the Arab summit

An Arab diplomatic source revealed to Al-Jumhuriya newspaper that “the status of Lebanon will be a major item in the Arab summit to be held in Jeddah next week, and there is an Arab consensus to stand with Lebanon in its difficult ordeal, and an important decision is expected to be issued at the summit and is linked to the Lebanon file.” The available data confirm that the post-summit stage is supposed to establish urgent Lebanese breakthroughs, linked to the presence of more than one Arab and international level, in the Lebanese file, to help the Lebanese achieve the presidential elections, and this is what puts the political parties in Lebanon before the responsibility of positive interaction with The endeavors and efforts exerted to crystallize a solution that will lead Lebanon out of this crisis.

The diplomatic source added, “We do not see anything preventing the Lebanese from having some wisdom in their approach to the reality of their country, away from trifles and partisan calculations that all politicians warned us would keep the situation in Lebanon stalled, and contribute to a further deepening of its crisis and great harm to the Lebanese people.” Pointing out that the conclusions accumulated by the communications movement and the recent meetings give rise to optimism about the possibility of an imminent settlement of the presidential file in Lebanon. That includes Lebanon, of course. Is it possible for these arenas to cool down, while Lebanon remains in a tense situation?”

In response to a question, the same diplomatic source did not confirm the existence of a serious Qatari move on the Lebanese presidential file, explaining that “the basic rule for resolving the presidential crisis in Lebanon was set by the five-party meeting in Paris on February 6, and all the political and diplomatic moves that followed it fall within its context.” And there are no individual movements outside this framework. Therefore, the main reliance remains on the Saudi role and the efforts made by Ambassador Walid Al-Bukhari with the Lebanese political and non-political leaders.

Regarding the names proposed for the presidency of the republic, the source refused to favor any name, saying only: “The general Arab and international climate at this stage is more than helpful for the Lebanese to decide their constitutional entitlements as soon as possible and to end the vacuum in the presidency of the republic. Therefore, we do not see that they have any choice.” Except that they take the path of decisiveness, if they want good for Lebanon and prosperity for its people.