The brunette Cleopatra actress breaks her silence: They separate Egypt from Africa

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Published in: May 13, 2023: 11:52 AM GST
Last updated: May 13, 2023: 12:05 PM GST

After the great controversy sparked by her appearance in the Cleopatra documentary, which was broadcast on Netflix a few days ago, especially since she has black skin, the British actress, Adele James, broke her silence.

Commenting on the storm of criticism that affected the documentary, especially from senior historians and researchers, she said in an online interview on “The Wayne Iris Podcast” that she feels great sadness and regret for everyone who feels threatened by black people.
She also added that she faced many criticisms, some of which were difficult and painful.

And she added, “It is sad that some Egyptians or other people do this… They either hate themselves or feel so threatened by black people that they make such criticisms, and try to separate Egypt from the rest of the African continent.”

In addition, she criticized all the accusations leveled at the work, as a result of his portrayal of Cleopatra, who was originally white in color, by a brunette actress.

falsification of history

And the former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities and archaeologist Zahi Hawass confirmed in previous statements that the documentary is full of inaccuracies, and aims to falsify history and steal the origin of ancient Egyptian civilization, explaining that Queen Cleopatra was Greek and was not dark-skinned at all.

He also considered that this matter is not simple because it reflects a project by the Afrocentric movement to claim that the Egyptian civilization is of African origin.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities confirmed last month that this work has nothing to do with history, stressing that it is full of inaccuracies. The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, confirmed that “the appearance of the heroine in this (African) body is a falsification of Egyptian history and a blatant historical fallacy, especially since the film is classified as a documentary and not as a drama.”

Cleopatra VII comes from an ancient Macedonian family that ruled Egypt for nearly 300 years, founded by King Ptolemy I, one of the Macedonian leaders in Alexander the Great’s army, to whom the state of Egypt devolved after the latter’s death, 323 BC.

She was born in 69 BC, and her father was King Ptolemy XII. Then she assumed power after his death in 51 BC, sharing the throne with her brother Ptolemy XIII!

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