Al-Hish Commander: Lebanon can no longer be tolerated, and every Lebanese is responsible throughout the country

Al-Hish Commander: Lebanon can no longer be tolerated, and every Lebanese is responsible throughout the country
Al-Hish Commander: Lebanon can no longer be tolerated, and every Lebanese is responsible throughout the country

The Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun inaugurated the roads of Burj al-Dabbabiya, Sayyida al-Qalaa, Khirbet al-Rumman, Burj Shadra, Hunaider and Kafrnoun at the northern border in the presence of mayors, mayors and clerics from the border villages and towns. These roads connect the border military centers of the 1st Land Border Regiment with each other and facilitate the arrival of citizens. to their lands.

The Army Commander inspected the aforementioned centers, met with their soldiers, and was briefed on their missions aimed at monitoring and controlling the borders and preventing smuggling, and addressed them by saying: “Your role is essential in this region, as a country that does not control its borders becomes vulnerable to all kinds of encroachments. Our borders are our land and our honor, and they are controlled thanks to your sacrifices and perseverance.” In carrying out the required missions, despite the nature of the land suitable for smuggling, the vast area covered by your sector, the lack of available personnel, and the dangers that you are exposed to when you clash with smugglers and suffer martyrs and injuries, you are armed with your strong and unyielding will, your love for the homeland and your just cause, and when you exert more than your energies, you show that you are Heroes and that your mission is sacred and necessary and contributes to the protection of Lebanon and the Lebanese. Before the establishment of this regiment, the borders were loose, crossed by terrorists and smugglers of weapons and drugs easily, and if the matter continued in this situation, Lebanon would not have remained.

He added, “History will write that you have preserved your homeland. We grow up with you, and Lebanon grows up with you, and the Lebanese trust you, and your sacrifices are embodied in the security that is still maintained, in the hope that the coming days will be better.”

The army commander stressed that “the leadership is aware of the overwhelming economic situation that the military is going through after they have lived through the extreme difficulties during the past three years, and it is doing everything in its power to secure the necessary requirements for them, especially medicine and transportation,” calling on them to “more patience because security cannot be neglected as it is Necessary for the survival of the country and the advancement of the economy, and if the country is lost, it is lost forever.

General Aoun visited the headquarters of the regiment in Shadra, where the joint force for border control is stationed, met with officers and soldiers, toured the regiment’s departments and its operations room, and listened to a briefing about its missions and the difficulties it faces. partisan, religious, or sectarian considerations, and implements the decisions of the political authority in accordance with international standards that uphold human rights, and we respect them to the fullest extent, in a way that preserves the supreme national interest, which remains for us an absolute priority. Lebanon can no longer tolerate this issue, and every Lebanese throughout the country is responsible, given the imminent danger our country faces.

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