The UAE Embassy in Egypt participates in the opening of the Zayed Children’s Mosque in Buhaira Governorate

Rashid Al-Shehhi – Head of the Political Affairs Department at the UAE Embassy in Egypt participated in the inauguration of the Eyal Zayed Mosque in Buhaira Governorate, in the presence of Ahmed Al-Suwaidi – Executive Director of the Dubai Charity Association, Dr. One of the leaders and scholars of the Ministry of Awqaf in Buhaira Governorate.

In his speech, Al-Shehhi stressed that what distinguishes the charitable work of the UAE, in addition to being global in nature, is that it is based on purely humanitarian considerations dictated by the authentic nature of the Emirati people and its rational leadership that loves benevolence and benevolence, based on its commitment to lofty Islamic principles and values, and its belief in the importance of strengthening brotherly and human relations with different countries and peoples of the world. And that the ultimate goal and the main driver of all humanitarian initiatives of the UAE is to serve people wherever they are and whatever their religious, ethnic or cultural affiliation, and to provide them with support and support in accordance with the dictates of considerations of human fraternity.

He explained that in light of the UAE’s keenness on the continuity of this humanitarian role, it established many institutions whose humanitarian role has become global in every sense of the word, and that in order to coordinate foreign humanitarian assistance and gather the experiences of the Emirati agencies based on providing humanitarian response, the UAE Committee for the Coordination of Foreign Humanitarian Aid was established Based on the Cabinet Resolution of 2014, which reflects the state’s commitment to implementing the latest humanitarian goals and strengthening the principle of cooperation.

He concluded his speech by saying that there is no doubt that today’s honor is with the opening of the Eyal Zayed Mosque in Buhaira Governorate, funded by the Dubai Charity Association, which comes within the framework of the distinguished relations between the UAE and Egypt and an embodiment of continuous and joint cooperation for the benefit of the two brotherly countries, and the cooperation that brings the two countries together in spreading the message of Islam. The correct one that calls for peace, construction and development, and it is a dedication presented by the UAE to the people of Al-Buhaira Governorate and to the dear people of Egypt.